All those whos in whoville and their noise noise noise! Am I a Grinch?

21 Dec

I fear I am turning into the Grinch. You know, scowlingabout Christmas commercialism and all the Whos in Whoville’s noise wearing on my nerves.What’s happened to me? When Christmas was always the most perfect, mostwonderful time of the year? Somewhere along the way I’ve let some kind ofmagic go, some kind of beauty of the season. I want it back. Lawdy be, can youhelp me? How? you may ask. Well . . . I’m open to suggestions. Perhaps: leave me Christmassycomments that enlighten and lighten? Email me cute Christmas cards? Post wonderfulholiday thoughts and send me the link? Then my heart will grow umpteen sizes too big and I’ll be full of Christmas Cheer – whoop!

 I want to look forward to decorating the tree with glee and fiddledeedee. I want toinhale the scents that come only this time of year – spices and sweet and fresh. I want to gasp at the wonders.I will have no child running in breathlessly to tear open gifts, for my son andgranddaughter are many miles away in Oregon.Maybe that’s part of it, too—my friends and family are far from me. Oh, I hatewhiners! Whos in Whoville and all that noise, noise, noise!

What do I want for Christmas this year? I want that spiritto come back with a big Bam-a-lammo. I can’t force it, so I’m asking you all,anyone of you at all, to help me find that Christmas-Holiday Doodledeedahday. I knowit’s somewhere. I must have just misplaced it in a corner, under a pile ofsweaters, in the sock drawer, in the hollowed out tree, behind the dresser,under the couch . . . somewhere, it’s here somewhere.

 There is a Christmas special on Lifetime television where this jadedbook editor hates Christmas and is grumpy and yada yada the same old; but, as I watch it, I tear up a bit, as if I am seeing parts of myself in thiswoman. Thing is, at the end of the movie, I know she’ll have found what she ismissing—will I find it along with her? Gee, I hope so.

 I think perhaps I will need to do something different,something to take me outside of myself. Yes. That’s it. Outside of myself. And, I’ll keep searching thoselittle corners and places for that old feeling—I just know it’s there. It risesup and quickly flies away just out of my grasp. Maybe you’ve seen it? Floatingaround, my Holiday Spirit. If you do see it,grab hold of it and bring it back to me, and for that, I’ll be filled withgratitude.

Perhaps I’ll fly like the hawk over a jeweled city ofholiday shine and there I will find what I need . . . yes, right in Whoville. Yes. There it is . .. just ahead.

Now, off with my bad elf-self, and I’ll see you all on Friday with Linky Love.


(and SWEETIE is doing well in the Amazon weekly deals – Friday is the last day to find it at this special before it goes back to its regular price – same with Firefly Dance. Thank you all for your support! Hmm, that’s something to be grateful for this holiday season! – MY READERS! *heart is starting to grow* After this promo is over, I won’t be mentioning it as I have been – you know how I like my “car salesman-free zone” here *laughing* :-D )

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