Peeking in; trying a little this and a little that . . .


Update: Ha! success – the old blog posts did transfer in the import. I don’t know where the comments went, as somewhere it read that it had transferred near 8000 comments (could that be correct?) but where, I do not know. However, a friend said she saw a bunch of my posts go to google reader – oh dear; I am sorry if you received a whole big passle of my crap-a-doodle doo in your reader – I hope I don’t receive a bunch of angry mail or comments – ungh! But, it’s done. Now on to the next thang to spiff up this blog.


Thank you to followers new and “old” as I make this transition back to my former blog – I’m still fiddle dee-dee’ing with WordPress and hope all will be spiffy by next week. I don’t know wordpress at all, and I even couldn’t figure out how to log-in (had to google it – that’s pitiful, Kat – geez *laugh*)

I’m going to attempt to import my other blog posts here from the tendergraces blogspot blog – lawdy be!- we’ll see what happens!

My usual schedule from the old blog was Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and I plan to stick to that. Right now, I have my “linky love” up at the old blog (BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books is highlighted there). So though I don’t usually publish on Saturdays, I’m only doing so to familiarize myself with my New-Old blog (I was here when it was spaces live! – yup, there’s a long “archives” over there to the right that shows my start here – it was my first blog), and in the case I completely mess up and all my posts disappear or I throw my laptop across the room in frustration or . . . um, sure, no, I wouldn’t do that *teeheehee* Until I have the blog how I want it, I can’t post regularly how I’d like to, so, there you go. Ungh.

If anything wonky happens as I fiddle around with this, or you stop by and everything has changed –again — (laughing)– just ignore it – soon I’ll have it all done and done.

For now, I can leave you with a post at BB/BBB’s blog entitled Write What You Know. Stop by, follow BB/BBB’s blog, or by their website and peruse their wonderful authors. They’ll love you for it.



8 thoughts on “Peeking in; trying a little this and a little that . . .

  1. Woot! Okay I found you!!! Welcome back to WordPress. Took me a bit to get used to it too, when I moved from blogger to here. And I think I lost alot of people, but hopefully one day they will make the journey. I’ve learned to love it, especially making it my website where everything is together. I’ll be checking you out girlie! I posted today about January goals so come see me!

  2. Hi Kat .. I got here too .. and will deal with your left-overs .. and more importantly look forward to the new insights …

    This looks clean and pretty to me .. Happy New Year and much success in WP .. cheers Hilary

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