Photos: New Year’s Revolutions (because everything comes full circle)

To appreciate the tiniest of things because they are wondrous

To remember to encourage GMR’s dreams and gifts:


To find those hidden wonders in the place I live and love here in Western North Carolina

To know, and remember, who and what I am really working so hard for:

To learn to relax, and most important – to spend more time with friends and GMR:

To write the next book with joy and abandon . . . To Live with joy and abandan . . . To be Grateful with joy and abandon . . .

What are your New Year’s Revolutions?


4 thoughts on “Photos: New Year’s Revolutions (because everything comes full circle)

  1. Love what you’ve done with your new place, Kat. Very comfy and appealing. Makes we want to take my shoes off and stay a spell :-) Happy New Year!!! I’m already feeling like it’s gonna be a good one.

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