Wednesday F4All, Personal Trainer Kat: Me, the Future You–take care of your innards!

29 Feb

Today I put aside my authorynessess and become Personal Trainer Kat–yup, I used to be a Personal Trainer and if I weren’t doing the novelist thang, I’d be PT’ing all over someone’s arse. Huhn.

The furthest thing from a young woman’s mind may be that time far off into her future when she will be Over Fifty. Well, dangity! Who has time to think about being An Old One when life is full and there is so much to do and see and be? Wheeee! When your entire future lies out before you in a seemingly endless stream of days, months, years! When the results of your actions aren’t yet cumulated into the bigger whole of what You will be—one day. And what you will be—one day—is Me, or a version of yourself that you can pretend is me for the poiposes of this blawg post.

What I wish a big sister (I grew up with four brothers—no seestors), a Future Me, had told me in my teens, twenties, and thirties is this (cause I prolly didn’t listen to my momma): how you treat yourself and how you ask to be treated by those around you will affect/effect the person you become. Who are you?—I don’t necessarily mean the Mommy You or the Wife You or the Career Woman You or the Just Trying to Figger Thangs Out You—I mean the Woman You, who you are as a complete person, inside and outside and everything in between. For one day in your future you will look into a real and metaphorical mirror and see the woman you have become from the experiences and thought-processes and behaviors you have now. As your big sis, I want to tell you, stress to you, to please care for yourself. And since I’m Personal Trainer Kat, I’ma gonna start with your lovely body and its magical innards.

So tell me, lil sis, what’s in your refrigerator and pantry? I hear the groans and I’m ignoring them—imagine me tapping my foot and giving you the Personal Trainer Kat Evil Eye. Right this moment, at the end of this sentence, go take a gandery gander at what is stocked there; I’ll wait (Jeopardy music here)—and if you aren’t home, then I know you’ll check when you are home, right? Right? Riiiiiiiggggght.

Okay, do you have fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit? Yogurt—and not the sweetened-to-death kind, but one low in sugar? Any raw almonds and walnuts, and other kinds of nuts/seeds? Whole wheat/grain bread? What about whole-grain cereals? Brown rice? Maybe even some flaxseed (okay, I hear that big-arse multitudinal ewwww out there!) If you are meat-a-sauras, is there fish and/or poultry or other lean meats—and not a bunch of processed “lunch meats” or canned meats? Or if you are a veggie-sauras, some other source of “lean” protein? And just cause I said “lean” doesn’t mean you need to eradicate fats from your diets! Lawd no! We need fats, protein, and carbs—we just need to be smarter about what kinds we shove into our hungry opened mouths (and sometimes our “not hungry” opened mouths, am I right? Uh huh. PT Kat knows!).

Did you have to push aside bags of chips and cartons of dips, processed foods that are nowhere near to what they originally were meant to be, and/or cookies and candy, to see if any of these healthful items were lurking in the dark recesses of your pantry/refrigerator, their good-for-you-labels looking sad and forlorn and forgotten?

I’m not here to put more pressure or guilt on an already over-worked, over-guilted sisterhood; however, what I am here to say is this: there are some foods that are easily added to your diet that will make you feel better now and in the future—it’s a start, and A Start is a beginning, and a beginning won’t hurt all that much, will it? The good news is, some of them take no time at all to prepare, or need little or no preparation at all. Shoot, throw a sweet tater in the oven or microwave – Ta da! Roast some ‘sparagas or other veggies with olive oil – or throw them on the grill-mmmmm! Make a fruit smoothie – without adding sugar *uh huh*

Walnuts and almonds are good fats—yes! There are Good Fats out there! Almonds are chock-full of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, as well as vitamin B2; they are fiber rich (and more fiber means you feel full longer, along with some fat for satiation), and have as much protein as an egg (which, by the way, I believe eggs have a bad rep they do not deserve). Walnuts contain a power-punch of antioxidants, and are a good source of omega-3. These nuts are good for your heart, regulation of cholesterol, and for your skin. When I was younger, nuts were considered off-limits because they were “fattening.” Huhn. Well, I eat me some good fats, including nuts, now, lawd be I do!

Even my dawgs know they have to eat they’s greens!

Another good food that takes no time to prepare other than maybe throwing some fruit in there, is yogurt. Good yogurt (I like Greek yogurt), with live bacteria, may work to strengthen your immune system, and may help digestion. It has calcium, which of course we know is good for our bones—something else you will be glad you strengthened while young (because you are also doing some kind of weight-bearing exercise, right? Right? Riiiiiggghhht)—but, as well, there is research that shows calcium consumption helps with weight loss. No groaning about how yogurt tastes bad; there are a multitude of varieties on the shelves, so surely there is a low-in-sugar one you can choke down, or throw into that no-added-sugar smoothie? A nurse friend of mine says, “Every woman should eat a container of yogurt every day. I wish I could write a prescription and hand it out to all my patients.”

There are multitudes of whole-grain foods out there—and check the labels for whole grains not enriched/processed to death foods. Dang y’all! There are many choices in life now; use your Power of the Choice!  Once you begin adding whole-grain foods to your diet, the “white bread/enriched flour” won’t taste as full and rich. Think about it, the manufacturers of certain foodstuffs commercially take out the good wholesome wheat and then put just enough back into the item to call it “enriched” so you will feel good buying this particular “healthy” product. Why not instead look for “whole wheat/whole grain” as a first ingredient on the label?

I want you to consider the benefits you will receive right away, yes, but I also want you to think about two years from now, five, ten, twenty, thirty—your body will become healthier and stronger so that you will have more energy for your busy life, and further, when you reach My Age, your body will have fared better with such a healthy base. And if you are already near or to My Age, it is not too late—trust me, your body will love you for the healthy changes you make—I FEEL THE POWER! Say it with me now: I FEEL THE POWER! There’s nothing sexier or cooler or Hot Damner than a strong, confident, POWERFUL woman. Right? Rigghhhtttt!

Imagine, just for a moment: there you are with your stronger healthier body, full into My Age, and the children are gone and/or you have retired and/or you are looking to start another career in your dotage (laugh), and you think, “Wow. What do I do now? What’s next?” And what you do is go out and have another life or rev up the one you already are living—because your body is well-prepared for the Next Stage, even if that next stage is to be as good a grandmother as you are/were a mother. Stop. Internalize. Imagine yourself healthier. You are worth it, gawd-dammit! You are Worthy—say it with me now: I am Worthy. Your future you will thank you.

Finally, when is the last time you patted yourself on the back for a life well-done? Have you been perfect? I bet not. Has every day been a gloriously sunshine-filled day of joy and happiness? Probably not. Have you lost your temper, been in a foul mood, screamed at someone, stomped around as if you were a two-year old? Maybe. But if you did not do these things on occasion, I’d wonder what you were trying to prove, huhn. I’ve done me some stomping, let me tell you what!

We need to give ourselves a little break now and then to consider just how hard it is to do all the things we do, be all the things we are—even when we are doing Good Thangs. Since you will one day be me, I give you permission to love yourself, one day, one meal, one choice at a time.

Now. How you gonna live the rest of your life?

(Note: For those of you who have word verification on your blogs, I am unable to comment–so I can visit and read, but you may never know I’ve been there–word verification is a beeotch!)

(photos by Kat magendie)


14 Responses to “Wednesday F4All, Personal Trainer Kat: Me, the Future You–take care of your innards!”

  1. Annie February 29, 2012 at 9:22 am #

    I enjoyed reading this; it’s true! Thank you!

    • katmagendie February 29, 2012 at 9:37 am #

      :-D hi Angie bestie!

      • katmagendie February 29, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

        Wait! that’s Annie not Angie – lawd! I’m sorry, Annie — :-D —


        • Annie February 29, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

          Ha! That’s okay! Enjoy this beautiful day :)

          • katmagendie February 29, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

            You, too Annie not Angie :-D

  2. karenselliott February 29, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    I eat mostly good stuff, need more greens though I think. Just wish I could get out and exercise – the only exercise I’ve had in the last few days has been shoveling snow.

    • katmagendie February 29, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

      Shoveling snow is good though — put on some music and make a fool of yourself as I do on the treadmill *laugh* — course, see doc first before you go too strenuous!

  3. Carolyn V February 29, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    I’m just learning to change my diet. I’m juicing some veggies, trying out new smoothies. And yes, there is flax seed on my counter (whoohoo!) The hard thing for me is the sugar thing. I’m trying to let go, but I eat to much when I get stressed. *sigh*

    • katmagendie February 29, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

      I am a big Sugar-holic -and that was the hardest thing for me – but, when I control the sugar in my regular foods – breakfast, lunch, dinner/supper, snack, and don’t eat dessert every day – I can then have treats and do just fine.

      It is difficult, when you really crave something – but those craves become less when you cut back . . .sweet begins to taste sweeter!

  4. Barbara Forte Abate February 29, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    I am such a boob in so many areas of life, but I can proudly attest to the fact that I have been a health conscious eater since my teens. I was reading all sorts of *Health* books and on some new *Regime* every other week, and by the time I got to “Sugar Blues” by William Duffy, I was pledged for life. It’s not easy for sure, but when I do crumble and give into bad eating debauchery, I quickly paying the price by feeling like crap.

    So, definitely, I sprinkle ground flax seed on my coarse cut oatmeal, avoid processed foods as much as possible, eat local grown produce, and run in horror when I see anything with “High Fructose” listed in the ingredients (High Fructose Corn Syrup is the reigning DEVIL of bad ingredients and it’s in nearly EVERYTHING. BEWARE!!!!)

    It feels like real work at times, but the rewards are priceless, considering that I’ve stepped over the line into the next decade and I feel pretty spunky, sassy, and springy :-D

    Rah, rah, rah, carry on, Personal Trainer Kat …

    • katmagendie February 29, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

      whoop whoop – sister in health *laugh*

      When we were growing up, we ate a lot of beans . . . A LOT of beans – mostly pintos . . . and I think that’s why I’m healthier now. We never had fast food – we had no money for it and my mom grew up on a farm where they ate Food food, not fast food. I didn’t have McDonalds until I was a teen and that was once. But, I did develop some bad habits later that I paid for by feeling like crap.

      And now, if I over-eat or eat certain foods – aw lawd – lawd! LAWWWWD!


  5. NCMountainwoman February 29, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    A little bit of Crystal Light powder sprinkled on plain yogurt makes it really tasty if you don’t like the plain. I have found that if I keep orange wedges already cut, and grapes already pulled off I am more likely to grab. I keep almonds handy all the time and snack on them during the day. In the late afternoon I review my fiber intake. If I’m short (which is rarely the case), then I will add enough Benefiber powder during the rest of the day to make up for it. And, on the advice of my gastroenterologist, I take a probiotic with a bifida culture every day. (Align is the one I take.)

    There was a time when we never kept potato chips and such in the house because we would scarf them down. Now we never keep potato chips and such because they get stale before we eat them.

    You gave some fine information. I’ve always maintained that everyone receiving food stamps should attend “cooking school” to learn that eating healthy can be done on a more limited budget. Shucks, now I’ve done started preaching!

    • katmagendie February 29, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

      I’ve been putting my yogurt in my smoothies — I was bored with yogurt, eating it daily – it’s tasty in there :-D


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