Friday: videos of the day–treadmill aerobics & The Universe; photos of the day–birds

Casual friday

Friday is here. So tell me: is Friday a TGIF? or do you work weekends? work all the time? Never work? (laughing). Just what does Friday mean to you?

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s pretty danged ole kewl: The Scale of the Universe. Nope, ain’t nuttin gonna come jumping out atchoo and scare the bee-jebus out yer arse–I hate those things and anyone who knows me knows not to send one of those to me, ungh! In this you see the teeniest of the teeny, and then you  see the largest of the large – and there are “markers” to give you an idea of “scale.” Can’t explain it so click and enjoy. I’m such a science nerdy geeky thang.  One day I shall have my dinner with the physicists!
Here’s what I’m doing on the treadmill (this isn’t me of course, but what I am talking about when I say I do “treadmill aerobic dance”) well, mostly what I do – some of these things I haven’t yet done, like turn all the way around. GMR thinks I’ma gonna bust my arse–but I’m having fun while taking that chance -haw! The hour goes by so fast. Oh, does it help my stress, and I’m becoming stronger and healthier-and it helps with balance! *see your doc/don’t do what I do/other sensible disclaimers here* WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Last time for photos of the day, I had Portland, Oregon downtown and the coast. Today for Friday Photos, I have – birds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now y’all go do the day! I hope to come visit some of you I’ve missed here lately, this weekend. I do apologize for not coming by as much as I want to–or reading you in my email but not commenting. Those of you who stop by here regularly make my day, and I am so grateful and appreciative: THANK YOU!


17 thoughts on “Friday: videos of the day–treadmill aerobics & The Universe; photos of the day–birds

  1. I do some of my best writing on the weekends. I recall the author Wally Lamb saying when he was teaching high school and raising a family he would wake up at three on Saturday morning, buy a 32 ounce coffee, go to the study carells at UConn and write for nine hours straight. That is how he finished his first novel, She’s Come Undone. Of course after he went on Oprah he could afford to quit his teaching job. Enjoyed the post and the slide show.

  2. Waaayy back in the day when I worked a five day week, I longed for Friday at times. These days because I write full time one day sort of morphs into the other. In fact I recently asked ‘What month is this?’ and I’m not joking!

    Fitness is the hardest thing for me to get a grip of. I keep an eye on the diet and do regular weight baring exercise, but getting out there in the fresh air and walking/jogging regularly has taken a back seat and I know it’s not good. And I can write for up to nine to ten hours straight and it’s not pretty! Add in social networking and my brain’s like mashed potato.

    Love the birds! I had to break up a fight between ten male ducks who were bullying another duck on my patio this morning. Honestly, they’re worse than kids. That’ll teach me to have a pond!

    Great post!

  3. Fridays round here just mean the trunk-slammers are going to be here. Busy, busy. And that means my darlin’ is going to be busy, busy, too. I love my second-home owner neighbors, both comin’ and goin’, if you know what I mean. ;-) Revisions this weekend. Onward! Cool birds!

    • :-D ohhh boy . . . yeah I know.

      We have the “harleys” there this weekend – which, really, wouldn’t be bad at all except they have to see who can make the most noise coming up our cove -ungh! most are respectful, but some I’d like to . . . *insert something here*

  4. Lost my treadmill in the flood. So I walk outside (around the FEMA trailer park) when the weather cooperates. If the weather is sucking, which often it does here in ND, I dance or march to my MP3 – 70s disco. I do about 80-100 “kitchen counter” push-ups every day. I tap my leg a lot – didn’t you once say to do that?

  5. Just stopping by to say Hey! Weekends for me are to do NOTHING, or read, or write, or garden, or sleep, or NOTHING!

  6. The whole backwards treadmill thing would probably result in me falling on my face. I love, love, love the slideshow of those beautiful birds. I am a nature lover and true blue country girl at heart.

    • Yeah, I don’t do the backwards thing -besides, I have my ipod connected directly to the treadmill.

      We have a lot of bird activity here :-D

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