Friday Photos (and a free Kindle book for mother’s day) . . .

A bit of news first – I passed this news on at my facebook page (come ‘friend’ me if you like!- I’m rather shy so I mostly stand on the corner waiting for people to come to me *laugh*), and will do so here – either Amazon, or Bellebooks, has put my first novel – the first in the trilogy – Tender Graces – on a free promo for two days only (far as I know)  – yesterday and today. It’s for a Mother’s Day promo (there are strong mother-daughter themes in the trilogy), and as a “launch celebration” for Family Graces release. I always love passing on promos, and you all know it’s difficult for me to post/talk about my books–lawdy be in  a bucket!

Tender Graces, back when it was first released, became a Kindle best-seller – hitting number 1 over The Help on the Kindle Paid list of top 100 for  a while there – it was most exciting! It then hovered there in the top 5 for a while, and that was quite exciting, too.

Now, on the Free list, it is hovering at No 1 on contemporary fiction and No 4 on over-all kindle books–this does help with people seeing an author, I do believe, but whether it does or does not, it’s a great promo for readers to try out an author. So, thank you to all you who have downloaded my Virginia Kate — I hope you enjoy it and if so, you will perhaps read the rest of the trilogy! *smiling warmly* And if you want to try out my books without risk, here’s your chance.

There is much debate about “free books” and I won’t go into what I think or don’t think or in between–but, those promos are here to stay, I do believe, and at best they give readers a chance to check out an author and as a Thank You for reading our work. At worst – well, I’m not going there because that’s not what this is about!

If you have  B&N Nook, then it is not free but it’s there as well. I want to give a shout out to Barnes & Noble, and the indie bookstores — I support them, as well, and all they do for authors.

Now . . . Photos of the day: Spider Webs

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17 thoughts on “Friday Photos (and a free Kindle book for mother’s day) . . .

  1. Hi Kat .. good luck with Tender Graces – I’m sure I’ll be reading sometime soon .. no Kindle for now either … have a good Mother’s Day .. cheers Hilary

  2. Kat,
    That is great. I hope a whole new audience discovers Virginia Kate. She is such a unique and interesting character.

    As an author I can see the value of free promotions in building an audience. As an author and consumer I usually take a pass on downloading free books because I would rather support fellow authors I like with my dollars.

    This is a well crafted trilogy. I just finished Secret Graces and can’t wait for Family Graces. We are all going to miss Virginia Kate!

    • I’m like that too – I don’t set out to look for free books, but if a friend/colleague has a promo for free or whatever, I will then go do it.

      Thank you for your words and your support, CG – you are wonderful – as is your work

  3. Great gift idea for my mom. If only she had a Kindle. She’d love VK (she wasn’t particularly fond of my work, but I know she’d love yours). I even have a second Kindle she could use (I have a Fire and a reg’ler one) but I know she wouldn’t do it. Guess I’ll just have to go buy a reg’ler old kind o’ book, at a reg’ler ole store–you know, the kind with books on shelves.

    I caught ‘caught up’ in the pics, too. Fascinating!

  4. Well, those are some gorgeous webs, especially without the creatures in them. As a great respecter of each and every tidbit of God’s glorious creation, I really really TRY to like and appreciate spiders–but I have a long, long way to go yet. I am impressed by their delicate web work, so that’s a start.

    Although I have TG on my Kindle already, I love it enough to want to get it again just because I can! And doesn’t it just figure, that so many of our Mothers would LOVE this book, but all require paper copies.

    Okay, so I know it’s probably very buffoonish of me, but I’m crazy anxious to start Family Graces and yet have been saving it for next week when I head off for daughter #3’s graduation in New Orleans. Whenever I know I’m going on a trip I plan to have something really wonderful to read. It just makes a vacation feel more like a vacation! I’ve been tempted more than once to surrender and start reading, but nope, still holding steady. And it ain’t easy :-O

    • I don’t mind spiders – unless they are big and hairy, and then – lawd! Or big and bony — but little spiders, well, they’re okay :-D

      You made me smile – I sure hope you love the book! lawd!

  5. I just got my copy of Tender Graces and added both of your books to my Amazon store. Loved that spiderweb photo–creepy beautiful stuff always appeals to me for some reason. I love nature. Best of luck, and I friend requested you, too. Off to Pinterest now to see you!

    • As I told Connie -you were just in time! It went off the free list sometime this afternoon – it was only for two days – Thank you, Amberr!

      And speaking of creepy beautiful stuff – I also like critter skulls (talking about that on FB too *laugh*)

      thank you for the friend request . . .*smiling*

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