Friday Photos: No Words











15 thoughts on “Friday Photos: No Words

  1. The photo of the tractors, and of the two old men with their legs crossed… these are the moments to capture. Wonderful stuff.

  2. Hi Kat .. some of us ‘be resting’, some too busy ‘nosing’, some just need the aeons of time to let us grow creatively more attractive ..

    Fantastic photos – loved them … you certainly didn’t need to add words …

    Cheers Hilary

  3. I see Chip, where’s Dale? Your close-up tree photos with all that ickity stuff on them. They give me ideas. *evil grin* Your photos are wonderful, and I can see a change. They are getting better and better.

    • Laughing — lawd! lawdy lawd! :-D

      I love how that squirrel is in motion as I snapped it – he’s ready to fight Dale as a matter of fact :-D But of course Chip and Dale were chipmunks and this i s a squirrel – though who’s to say they can’t be named C & D? :-D

  4. Sorry, could not find any no words for the occasion.
    Therefore I shall try to use a word or two.

    Nice collection of timeless moments captured.

    oops…Friday has passed, time is over….. have a good week. crunch many words.

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