Friday Photos: no words . . .


10 thoughts on “Friday Photos: no words . . .

  1. Re: your top shot, in Boy Scouts they taught us, “Leaves of three, let them be.” So of course we took it to the next level with, “Leaves of four, eat some more,” and “Leaves of five, swing with the jive.” Which led to the inevitable, “Leaves of nine, fine as wine.” Well, it was the seventies after all. ;-)

    Beautious, as always, milady. Happy Friday!

    • made me laugh!

      leaves of six, pick up sticks
      leaves of seven, go to heaven
      leaves of eight, can’t be ate

      stop me please! look what you begat, Vaughn! lawd!

  2. Beautiful photos. Such vibrant colors in some of the city scenes. And I love the outdoor photos too. Makes me want to get a new camera. My little pocket camera is pretty good, but I am so inspired by your photography!

    Leaves of ten, your photos are splen…did.

  3. Gorgeous photos–all of them. i especially love the ones with the lush green color. Maybe I need to revisit Asheville. Haven’t been there in a loooong time.

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