Friday Photos/Video: Cove Walk & Novelists Who Can’t Sing & Et Cetera

A novelist and her laptop – a love story Part One – to be continued . . .

I am The Worst Dang Singer EVER . . . I dare you to post YOUR singing – haw!

My brother composed this music for Virginia Kate

My debut novel Tender Graces and the video Bellebooks made – I was so excited!

Then when Secret Graces came out, I tried to make one – lawdy!

Okay all y’allses – I have a visitor coming who has never been to the states! Then, I’ll be flying out, leaving GMR and the dawgs here, to visit my Granddaughter, Son, and DIL in Oregon. I am hoping to post ahead of time for my first and third of the month posts –Don’t Forget Me! :D (Note new posting schedule to the right – )


8 thoughts on “Friday Photos/Video: Cove Walk & Novelists Who Can’t Sing & Et Cetera

  1. Beautiful photos in the woods. The brother-composed music – love a banjo. And is that a harmonica? Sometimes it sounds like one, but then sometimes it sounds like strings. Either way, it’s good. Bellebooks video is good, too, and it gives me a sense of being there in the woods, in the hills. Yours is fine! I like the music from them all! Enjoy your visitor. I’ll be here when you get back.

    • It’ll be interesting to meet Adnan in person – we first “met” when I edited a gorgeous story of his. He’s a Bosnian refugee who ended up in Sweden and now is at the Univ of Stockholm in Sweden – where he teaches a class using Tender Graces! Now that’s cool :-D

  2. The ole swedes… just have a knack for capturing unique types……. an somethin all the way from the hollar…… way to cool.

  3. Hi Kat .. fantastic that you’re going to meet Adnan – such an interesting story .. funny how life binds us in ways we don’t expect ..

    Then enjoy the time with the little one and your son & DIL .. that time will be precious .. I’d love to walk in your woods, while your brother’s composition is just wonderful.

    Tender Graces to be bought … then I can see what Adnan finds within your words .. an interesting aspect to a novel ..

    Cheers Hilary

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