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Now go kick some ass  . . . write your ass off, edit your ass off, – shoot, knit your ass off! Just live live live a kick-ass life! (and if you didn’t read the post below, and you don’t like cussin’ then do like I told my facebook buddies – pretend the cuss words are cute lil bunnies. Later y’all.)

Comments on: "Friday Photos: No Words-old barn, house, church, and a Happy Go Lucky music video for all y’allses from Me’ses. . ." (11)

  1. Saw lots of stories in these well done photos…..you have the eye of an artist. Well done you.

  2. Where is this intriguing place? I’d love to restore it. The video is hysterical! Thanks for sharing.

  3. karenselliott said:

    Lovely photos of the old places. Every time I see old barns or old weathered buildings, I think of my mom. I remember she used to dabble in artwork, and I vaguely remember an old barn she painted.

    What’s the old book?

  4. You have some great photos here.. I think you could be a kick ASS photographer and make a fine living that way too. Have a great weekend. :-)

  5. Hi Kat – wonderful old building with some great pictures .. love the book – really worn-out and weary … they look like they need some of your kick-ass around there to oomph the things up .. have a great autumn though …. cheers Hilary

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