On the road . . . photos

The Boopmobile takes me here there and yonder. GMR is back at the little log house in the cove, the house sitters gone on back to their own homes, but I have more travels to do and did not go back to the cove, not yet. GMR and Not Quite Fat Dog and Psycho Cutie Girl and the feral cat Kee-Cat could miss me, or they could not miss me — I think they will, haw! Yeah. Sure. Why wouldn’t they miss the tornadic chaos of Miz Kat that can turn on a dime to be uber quiet and withdrawn and uncommunicative? Who wouldn’t miss that, y’all? HAW!

Whilst I am on the old road, my online activity is even more chaotic — wheee!

But, I thought I could post some pics here and there so y’all could see what I’m-a seein’.

If you see the Boopmobile, give me a honk and a wave. You’ll know if, I bet, if you see’s it. Teehee.

More photos are on my facebook page, if’n you ain’t already a friend.



GMR, me, my nephew and his kids . . . awwwww!











this pelican opened its mouth to try to capture and eat a rather large turtle!


Go Away. You people suck. You are too danged loud. Ungh! My ears!




14 thoughts on “On the road . . . photos

  1. Favorites – the bees and the old car. You have been “away” for a while. But then I’ve been “away” for a while too, so I just noticed that you’ve been away for a while! :)

  2. Hi Kat .. loved the photos (agree with you re the zoos – but many have improved enormously, and they provide ‘a stock’ in case those in the wild are done in for) … but particularly loved the window picture ..

    Now – great seeing some of the family together – happy days … including your travelling companion brother –

    The world is a mighty funny place as you see above .. I’m going to look out for blue honey!

    Cheers Hilary

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