Once again it is time for: Cornbread dressing or Bread Stuffing &, ungh, also time for: Hallosgivingmas

On my Facebook page, beginning last year I believe it was, I asked, “Cornbread dressing or bread stuffing, which is on your table?” Yes, yes .  . . the question of the ages; the important stuff; the deep and thrilling mysteries of LIFE! Gaw-dammit I am deep! . . . um . . . anyway. Lawd.

So, all you beauties and handsomes out there: Cornbread dressing or Bread stuffing?


Oh, people know my choice–oh yes they do. If there ain’t no cornbread dressing, there ain’t no danged ole Thanksgiving! Huhn. Despite GMR’s soggy ass bread stuffing with slimy oysters in it (he’s a New Orleans native after all and they loves them some critters in they’s food–any critter, and sometimes the slimier, or scalier, or rodenter, or weirder the better – just say’n).

On Facebook, so far, cornbread dressing is winning – haw! Yeah! In YOUR FACE breaddies!

What’s in your house? Or do you not “do” Thanksgiving or are a Canadian and already  have, or do you not “do” stuffing or dressing? Then what do you do/eat?

While I am here: O . . . M . . . G . . . what’s up with the Christmas decorations and commercials starting in October? And even in our little mountain town they were putting up Christmas wreaths and such as early as last week. Ungh! Ungh! Y’allses are driving me cray-cray! So, we have flags for Veterans Day flapping along-side wreaths and red bows. Lawd he’p me. I mean, it’s Hallowsgivingmas every year now. Lawd.


Suldog has his annual Thanksgiving Comes First . . . yes, Sullie, yes, it should . . . Are they already decorating in your town?

Folkses, I know I haven’t been by your blog in quite some time and I apologize for that. Dang. Y’all can smack me upside my pea-head – go on, it’s hard enough to take the blows *haw!*


Gone be back with Photos No Words soon. Bout time I upgrade this blawg so I can have more storage space for that. (photo taken by my bestie Angie Ledbetter – yup, that’s representing me in a whole bucket of me–camera to eye, unaware of my surroundings, only matched when laptop is attached to fingertips.


Now, I leave you with a photo of my precious Lil Boop, looking chic and sassy and oh so very cute . . .



13 thoughts on “Once again it is time for: Cornbread dressing or Bread Stuffing &, ungh, also time for: Hallosgivingmas

  1. I believe that anyone putting up Christmas decorations before December 1st should be shot through the heart with Cupid’s Valentine’s Day arrow, and hung on top of their own tree instead of an angel or star.

  2. I missed the dressing vs. stuffing post on Facebook, but my vote is dressing all the way. I’m a Texan transplant, rooted up north now, where bread stuffing is the mainstay. I’ll eat it (my fair share and more), but I miss my mother’s dressing for sure!

    On Christmas before Thanksgiving, at least the radio station I frequent didn’t start the Christmas music Nov 1st this year like they did last year. That killed me.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your cornbread dressing :)

  3. Thanks, Kathryn! I hope you’ll still like me when I say this, though…


    Actually, in my family, years ago, there used to be two kinds of stuffing. There was bread and then there was (are you ready?) potato stuffing. Yeah, weird, huh? But it was really good. I never heard of another family that did this, and it seems I’m the only one still living who liked it, so I only make bread stuffing now.

  4. I’ve made tater stuffing for roasting chickens, but never for turkey. It is good. I actually added some good lightly rippened olives to it. I’ve made both, but I’ll probably go with bread. In my defense, my wife’s family is all Irish. They start drooling at the very mention of bread, so the breadier the better, as far as they’re concerned. (PS – there will be Guinness consumed as well–mostly by me.)

  5. Christmas should not be advertised until after Thanksgiving. Give the Turkey Day a break! And now all this controversy about Black Friday starting on Thursday. Um, hello, it’s Black FRIDAY. Even so, I don’t shop that day. I hibernate. Oysters in stuffing – ew!

  6. Oh that Lil Boop is precious multiplied by a bazillion!

    I am blessed to have a West Virginia mom who knows the ONLY real stuffing is all about the cornbread! My dad, a NY Italian who knows good food was just fine with that. The problems didn’t arise until hubby’s family came on the scene with their sausage stuffing. While it’s more appealing than Oyster stuffing IMHO, it’s still a poor imitation for cornbread.

  7. Hi Kat .. Lil Boop looks totally delightful .. knee bent, hands in pockets, looking askance from under the hat … like really do I need to do this!!

    I love cornbread – had it in South Africa a lot … but I do love a home-made English bread sauce .. delicious with game … yummy yum ….

    I hate when things merge … here it’d be HallowBonfireXmas …. Thanksgiving has not hit yet – but I wonder how long – we won’t get a holiday .. but I do think the event will become part of the British way of life in the not too distant future ..

    Cheers – oh cornbread … could do with some now! Hilary

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