Naw, the gym ain’t no charity–so stop donating to it! But, join a gym wisely.

6 Jan
Always looking in the rearview at what I missed? hell no!

Being on the road is nice, but too much of it pretty much sucks :D

Hi Y’allses! Did you enjoy your holidays? I did–had a wonderful time in Oregon with my little Oregon family. However, with a few exceptions (like my little Oregon family), I can say with sincere LAWDYNESS that I am sick of traveling. Enough. Yup, good to be home now, and after extensive travel over the past 14 months, I am ready to spend quite a long time in my little Smoky Mountain cove finishing up my new novel The Lightning Charmer, rocking on the porch (less’n it’s too cold, which it is right now), taking mountain walks, and kickin up my heels on the gym’s treadmill. Yup, y’all, I am one of those people who love love love to exercise–it was part of what made me a good trainer. Same as I love love love to write, which makes me a pretty good book writer, too, I think!

Gyms make money on Sales, so they want to impress/entice you in–but be sure to look in the nooks and crannies of the gym and the contract: When I worked as a personal trainer at a gym, January/February were our busiest months, and so sometimes we trainers had to help with “sales.” I hated “sales” because, as many of you may know, I have a hard time “selling” things, even if I believe in them!—e-yup, I also sucketh at promo and marketing and salesmanship of my novels. Lawdy.

move move move your body, stretch, be strong!

ask questions about the trainers at the gym, ask to meet them and talk to them first

So, during those busy “sales days,” we trainers, and other gym staff, would tour unsuspecting prospective victims clients about the gym while touting the wonderful exceptional qualities of gym and staff–some things we were told to say bordered on “not quite as wonderful as said.” Well, I was always honest/truthful, even if it meant I would not make that sale and would not make any extra money, but that’s just how I rawk-n-roll. Listen to the “spiel” but look carefully about the gym and ask as many questions as you need to: Is the gym clean, and do they regularly clean the equipment? Is the whirlpool/jacuzzi cleaned properly, drained, sanitized, and re-filled regularly, etc.? Is the equipment in good shape? Do the staff seem upbeat, excited to have you there? Is the contract easy to understand? Do they offer a few free weeks you can take advantage of? What kind of classes are offered and are they included in the contract? Etc etc!

Gyms take in monthly contract sales whether you and you and you and you attend the gym or not, and even sometimes over-book because of the “donations” concept, so why just “give” them your money? GO!: Sometimes I’d hear the salespeople talk about “donations/donators.” Yeah. Those are the people who are all gungo-ho’d to join a gym and work they’s asses off after the holidays (or before a wedding, or a reunion, or whatever the event may be), and after about a month, or when the event is over, their happy asses quit going to the gym—and since they signed a contract for a year, la tee dah, all they’s butts are doing is making a donation every month. It’s difficult to worm your way out of a contract, folkses, so think twice before signing your name to a binding document.

Most Gyms will work with you, for they want/need your business: What I would suggest to potential clients of the gym was to sign up for a shorter contract—say three months. Yes, it was not as good of a deal, but three months was, and is, a good amount of time to see if you’ll be consistent in your gym-going. Then, if you are consistent and want to continue, work with the gym for a better contract–believe me, folks, all gyms WANT and many NEED your business, so you can ask them to give you a good deal or you walk–just be reasonable, for after all, it is a business where people/bills have to be paid, too.

Ha! *personal trainer evil eye!*

well, huhn!

Ask about free personal trainers, and use them, but ask about their experience: When you sign up at a gym, take advantage of the (usually a few sessions only) free personal training service, if it is offered. Do, however, ask them what kind of experience the gym trainers have. More education does not necessarily mean a great trainer, but they should be certified by a reputable agency (you can do your research), and what they say to you when you talk with them should make sense to you, and fit your personal goals. Of course, if your personal goal is to sit on your ass, well, no reputable trainer would say, “Sure dude! I can work you out on your couch! Just show me the money.” Haw. Lawd no.

Gyms should offer, at the least, a trainer/staff to show you how to use the equipment properly: You simply must know how to work that gym equipment properly, with proper form, to effectively, and safely, work out. Don’t think you are “bothering” the trainers, for that’s what they are there for. And, if they are worth a dang, they will enjoy showing you what to do—I used to love the busy times, because I hated standing around twiddling my thumbs. I loved training, and when someone wanted me to help them, I did it gladly and with passion, and for free. I had clients who paid me to work with them, but that was separate from the help I gave to clients on the gym floor. Take advantage of trainers who are walking about the gym. If they do not have trainers on the floor, then ask a staff person to provide someone to answer questions/help you with equipment. If there is no one available, maybe another gym is in order? However, don’t try to wheedle free hour-long sessions from a trainer, y’all, now! Dang!

Try out some new products and let me know if you liked them, or not --ewwwww on the vodka here--and maybe I'll try them for my next I am your Guinea Pig" post  . . .

You don’t have to say “no, never” to this kind of thing, but you CAN say, “Hardly ever, only occasionally”

Don’t burn up and burn out: One of the worst things you can do is to go in that gym all fired up and jumping around and slamming your fist in the air and Doing Too Much until you burn out and drop out. I saw it, and I see it, time and time again. That fired up WANT to be in shape and/or lose weight. The person will go to the gym every day, stay for far longer than they should, eating little food and/or foods that have

An apple a day may be a cliche, but it is solid advice--it just may keep the doc away, uh huh

An apple a day may be a cliche, but it is solid advice–it just may keep the doc away, uh huh

no taste because they think that’s the best way to lose weight. Dial it back a little and give yourself time to be used to the new load you are placing on your body with exercise—if you are too sore to work out, or have a stress-injury, you will not be able to continue your work out safely and effectively until you feel better. If you eat foods you hate, you won’t keep up with your new eating plan. Take time to think things through with a well-thought out plan for a reasonable exercise routine that you can slowly build on. Take time to think about meals that are tasty but healthy that you will reasonably fit into your daily meal-times. Don’t be unrealistic, but DO challenge yourself to try new foods/workouts!

Don't wanna hear you ain't writing or moving or eating right - huhn -

Do your research to find a gym/trainer that/who fits: Now, get out there and do some research. Find a gym that fits you. If you hate gyms, then I’m not talking to you in this post—although, I will say to you who hate gyms: Why? If it’s the money, fine, I can understand that, and perhaps you can talk to a gym about some kind of reasonable contract. But if it’s because you become a “donator,” then consider altering your thoughts and routines at the gym—and consider trying out the gym for a shorter contract time, or a gym that offers month-to-month without contracts–although, you could use that contract as a motivator–“I’m going because I simply will not throw away my money for nothing!” YEAH!

DSC08450-001Now, go ye and be healthy and kick-ass! I’m here for you if you have any questions–about working out, or about writing!


6 Responses to “Naw, the gym ain’t no charity–so stop donating to it! But, join a gym wisely.”

  1. terri tiffany January 6, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    Welcome home! I am tired of travelling to to the west coast myself although I loved my time there. So excited for you to be on to another book!
    Problem here–trying to lose about 7 pounds–won’t come off. I have a treadmill and a few dance videos but doing them everyday is hard! I am cutting out all junk food but really think that exercise is the only way. Any suggestions on how to get started again!

    • katmagendie January 6, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

      First off – with that little of weight to lose, don’t become too “focused” on that number. Perhaps you have lost inches because you’ve built muscle? Are your clothes fitting better? Are you feeling awesome? Well, there you go, maybe there is some trade-off there between losing a few extra pounds and the muscle mass you’ve gained. So, say you lose another three/four pounds but you feel awesome and your clothes fit how you want — good! Or maybe you are already there!

      Another idea is to try intervals – for example, instead of one pace on the treadmill, go full out for nothing for a few seconds and then slow it down – up and down up and down with your heart rate – you will sweat more, and find this is a really effective workout for training your heart/lungs, and for jumping across that frustrating plateau of “why can’t I get rid of these last few pounds!”

      I don’t work out hard every day! Nope. I don’t. And I’m in great shape. I do my “hard core” interval workouts at the gym 3 times a week, and then the other days I walk — not stroll, but a good healthy walk. I try to take one day either completely off, or where I do that “stroll” – usually Sundays.

      Go for more effective instead of More – if that makes sense?

      Most of all – at least some of those days do something FUN!

  2. Hilary January 7, 2013 at 4:21 am #

    Hi Kat – too much travelling isn’t that much fun at the end of the day. Glad you’ve been able to get back into the gym and get your personal trainer routine back up and running … I’m just going slowly forward and then as spring comes I hope to break out … fresh air and all that jazz …

    Happy New Year – cheers Hilary

    • katmagendie January 7, 2013 at 8:46 am #

      Happy New Year to you! — and here’s to spring quickly arriving . . .

  3. karenselliott January 7, 2013 at 6:37 am #

    I have been a member of numerous gyms over the years, mostly with good luck and good trainers available. I even worked out with Mr. Delaware for a month about 25 years ago, and that was awesome. Though his food choices left me cold – boiled chicken and broccoli every day. Yuck. I have fallen out of my routine, moving and now working full time. Bad, bad. I need to get up and do some pushups…

    • katmagendie January 7, 2013 at 8:47 am #

      How cool you worked with Mr. Delaware – though his “diet” is extreme and boring, though that’s how a lot of trainers/diet people thought a long time ago – bland and boring. Not any longer! We have so many choices now to eat healthfully and taste-filled!

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