On the radio: NorthwestPrime with Lori Ness

Hey, all y’allses wonderfuls. No no, I’m not flying in oblivion; okay, I am, but I done told y’all I wouldn’t post unless I had news, or something I wanted to say, or just felt like it, or the 8th sign of the Apocalypse happened and I had to gush over it, or . . . . etc etc etc. Cause I’m just that chaotic. yeah.

So, today’s news is that in about 30 minutes from now, at 3:00 PM my time, I’m going to be on the radio at NorthwestPrime.com –

For those of you who asked for  the archived file, it is HERE on NorthwestPrime. 

If’n you want to give it a listen, great.  I’m always appreciative of my readers and any interest *smiling*

Later, y’all!



6 thoughts on “On the radio: NorthwestPrime with Lori Ness

  1. Aw, poo! I didn’t see your post until this morning–hours and hours after the live broadcast. You can bet I’d love to hear some Kat chit-chat, but can’t seem to locate an archived version for those of us who came late to the party. (Clicking on the links in your post take me to vacant cyberspace.) Do you have a super, special, secret link for this interview with Lori that you can share?

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