Advice from “Big Sis” Kat Magendie . . . .

11 Feb

156The farthest thing from a young woman’s mind is that time far off into the future when she will be considered “Middle Aged And Menopausal.” Who has time to think about that when your toddler is crying and your eight-year-old just threw up all the pizza, cake, and, I’m not kidding—sushi (sushi?)—he had at a birthday party where the parents spent more to please Bobby or Suzy than what you spend on two-weeks of groceries? Or your boss has asked you to work late and on the weekend—again. Or you’ve over-extended your obligations to (fill in obligation blank here)—again.

Listen: how you treat yourself and how you ask to be treated by those around you will forever affect the person you will become. Who are you?—I mean, the real you, the Woman You, the one you must face in the mirror from now until, well, until you can no longer look into a mirror, or perhaps not care to (look anyway, for you are beautiful!)? For one day in your future you will gaze at yourself (even if through others eyes) and see the woman you have become from the experiences you have now. As your big sister, I want to tell you to care for yourself. To think in terms of gratitude, and health, and well-being—one decision at a time—in what you eat, drink, behave, grow, and how you perceive the world and react to it (or how you expect it to react to you).

Hair Dryer Antics Update & Oregon here I come. . .Consider the benefits you will receive right away, yes, but also think about two years from now, five, ten, twenty—your body and mind will become healthier and stronger so that you will have more energy for your busy life, and further, when you reach My Age, you will have fared better with such a healthy physical and mental base. You will be well-prepared for the Next Stage, even if that next stage is “simply” to be as good a grandmother as you are a mother. Your future you will thank you. Trust your big sister—she knows.


Do love what you do? Do you love yourself?

Do love what you do? Do you love yourself?

Finally, when is the last time you patted yourself on the back for a life well-done? Have you been perfect? I bet not. Has every day been a gloriously sunshine-filled day of joy and happiness? Probably not. Have you lost your temper, been in a foul mood, screamed at your kids/husband/co-worker/the person in line at the grocery who has fifteen items instead of ten in the ten-item line? Maybe. But if you did not do these things on occasion, I’d wonder what you were trying to prove. We’re all human, and we all need to give ourselves a little break now and then to consider just how hard it is to Be Humanly Human. You have permission to love yourself, to have gratitude for your days, to love yourself enough to care what happens to you now and then later and for the rest of your life.



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2 Responses to “Advice from “Big Sis” Kat Magendie . . . .”

  1. Kathleen Boston McCune February 11, 2014 at 10:47 am #

    Well said and so true. I remember when the menopausal ‘crap’ started with the mood swings, hot flashes and ‘evil me’ showed up thinking “why didn’t Mom tell me of these things?” Well, in my case Mom was still in the midst of ‘mothering, grandmothering and nursing Dad’. Besides, even if she had I probably would have figured she was exaggerating, or that ‘that will never happen to me’. I remember looking at Mom’s pretty waist-line disappearing and assuming she was eating too much……wrong…..Mom had to sit nine hours a day at her job as head stenographer for six Psychiatrists and then tend to Dad in a wheel chair for 28 years…so what little she ate was used up….she frankly did not have the time to exercise. But, you are right about trying to keep time for yourself….at least to keep your pretty figure for yourself and the person in your life you try your best to impress the best you can. For 80% of us we will not look as we did in our youth, however; as long as we maintain our health and continue to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually we will emerge with the wisdom to share with those in our circle of friends and family who are watching us even when we aren’t aware that they are.

  2. karenrsanderson February 12, 2014 at 6:20 am #

    I am sure I am harder on myself for my past mistakes. Yes, we all make them – some of them are doozies! But for all those mistakes, for all the screw-ups, they have all brought me to where I am today. And I like today. I know so many young girls (from work and otherwise) and I just wish I could see them in 20 or 30 years! I remind them to spend time with their children now, though I think a lot of what I say falls on deaf ears. When I was 20 or 30, I sure couldn’t imagine myself as 56. Yikes!

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