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Once again it is time for: Cornbread dressing or Bread Stuffing &, ungh, also time for: Hallosgivingmas

14 Nov

On my Facebook page, beginning last year I believe it was, I asked, “Cornbread dressing or bread stuffing, which is on your table?” Yes, yes . ¬†. . the question of the ages; the important stuff; the deep and thrilling mysteries of LIFE! Gaw-dammit I am deep! . . . um . . . anyway. Lawd.

So, all you beauties and handsomes out there: Cornbread dressing or Bread stuffing?


Oh, people know my choice–oh yes they do. If there ain’t no cornbread dressing, there ain’t no danged ole Thanksgiving! Huhn. Despite GMR’s soggy ass bread stuffing with slimy oysters in it (he’s a New Orleans native after all and they loves them some critters in they’s food–any critter, and sometimes the slimier, or scalier, or rodenter, or weirder the better – just say’n).

On Facebook, so far, cornbread dressing is winning – haw! Yeah! In YOUR FACE breaddies!

What’s in your house? Or do you not “do” Thanksgiving or are a Canadian and already ¬†have, or do you not “do” stuffing or dressing? Then what do you do/eat?

While I am here: O . . . M . . . G . . . what’s up with the Christmas decorations and commercials starting in October? And even in our little mountain town they were putting up Christmas wreaths and such as early as last week. Ungh! Ungh! Y’allses are driving me cray-cray! So, we have flags for Veterans Day flapping along-side wreaths and red bows. Lawd he’p me. I mean, it’s Hallowsgivingmas every year now. Lawd.


Suldog has his annual Thanksgiving Comes First . . . yes, Sullie, yes, it should . . . Are they already decorating in your town?

Folkses, I know I haven’t been by your blog in quite some time and I apologize for that. Dang. Y’all can smack me upside my pea-head – go on, it’s hard enough to take the blows *haw!*


Gone be back with Photos No Words soon. Bout time I upgrade this blawg so I can have more storage space for that. (photo taken by my bestie Angie Ledbetter – yup, that’s representing me in a whole bucket of me–camera to eye, unaware of my surroundings, only matched when laptop is attached to fingertips.


Now, I leave you with a photo of my precious Lil Boop, looking chic and sassy and oh so very cute . . .



Pea-headed Kat Boops workin’ on the weekend….

21 Mar

(photo taken of signs of spring at Lake Junaluska as I walked the other morning…ahhhhh)

I am peepin’ my pea-head in here to say hello very quickly before getting back to work. I am reading the galley proof of Tender Graces and to do that I have to actually read it “word by word” –which means I can’t read as I would normally. It’s verrrryyyy sloowww but, if I don’t do it that way, I won’t catch errors that are hiding in there. Bellebooks does their reading of it, the author does hers, and I am having Good Man Roger read it as well. And, despite all of our efforts, I just know there will be a mistake or two in there – erk! It won’t be because we didn’t scour Tender Graces with Eagle Eyes, more than once. I did visit you all the other day, hope I didn’t leave anyone out, and if I did, call me on it! Until I make this deadline, though, I’m going to be locked in this room and working, um, teehee, er, except I am here right now and I need to be there…so, I’ll make this quick. Please continue to bear with me for not visiting and posting as I usually do.

I so appreciate Gumbo Writer Angie Ledbetter and Brian Mongold of Eazy Cheezy (click and read if you haven’t) for being my Guest Bloggers. THANK YOU!

Also~! Brian of Eazy Cheezy interviewed me on his “Ten Questions…” series: he made me feel like a celebrity….teehee. If you haven’t been by there and read, well, here’s the link: Kat’s Interview with Brian.

I do have this news: My book will actually be in at least one library in East Baton Rouge! Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound so exciting, but it is to me! I love and adore libraries and am so excited. And, my local indie bookseller just ordered a very nice number of books so we could have a book-signing party – complete with champagne! and she’s making this signing “reservation only” -wow! If you are in the area, let me know if you’d like to come…*smiling* — if you have an indie bookseller you love in your area, let me know about it: that’s what I’d love to do, have signings at indie’s, at least where I can.

I send you a big ole Hug and Kiss – *MUWAH* — send me positive vibes that I’ll catch all those errors and make my deadline!

And for those who’ve pre-ordered, I want to take a moment to say I thank you…I am humbled and honored: THANK YOU~!

(PS -Hey, for you girls – I bought some Okay Pro-X cream in a tube – I splurged – I’ll let y’all know if it is worth the extra bucks I paid for it!)

Getting to Know Us – Getting to Know all About Us….

7 Feb

I thought last night how wonderful a group of people we have round these here blogging lands. How supportive we are of each other. How we make each other laugh, cry, think, believe, join in, and et – cet-era et cetera et cetera!

So, on Saturdays I’d like to have a “getting to know us” post. And of course, anyone who wants to join in can. It’s just a way of expanding just a little further/farther from blog to blog. Some of us visit all the same places, and some do not. (If right now you are reading this and thinking, “I hope she doesn’t mention me, I like staying in my quiet corner of the blog world without any fingers pointing my way “- please let me know in the comments or email me!)

So my first Getting To Know Us starts off with Debbie at Suburb Sanity. Shes “a 46 year old married mom to 17 year old boy/girl twins as well as 15 and 11 year old sons. I love blogging about the crazy things in my life…and yours.”
But Debbie is of course more than that. She’s funny and ironic and mischievous, and though she’ll go “pah, stop it…” when I say this, but she’s also a nice person – warm and witty and kind. Debbie and I think we may have some of the same distant Kin….running around in bare-feet saying wise but awkward things while keeping downwind from the outhouse.
But, go by yourself if you haven’t already, say a big “howdy do” to Debbie, and get to know her better.

Ta ta for now, everyone! Muwah! Have a wonderful Sat’dy …
(google image from Debbie’s place, and from one hundred and fifty cartoon friends)
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