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Friday Shoot Outs: Childhood Classics; A Fairy Tale-ish sorta

23 Oct

Once upon a time there was a handsome man.

and once upon a time there was a beautiful woman, who had no idea she’d meet the handsome man who had a wife and couldn’t keep her. The handsome man put down for good his bottle of amber liquid and asked for the hand of marriage of the beautiful woman who lived on a farm. They were married – what a nice-looking couple! but oh oh! Little did the beautiful woman know that the handsome man’s three children would need a home!

The three little children came, one…then two…then three. . . and blew their house down! The three little children came to live with the beautiful woman and the handsome father. One of those was a little west virginia pigtailed girl. Her shoes were too tight, but she never cried.

Then SURPRISE! the beautiful woman became pregant and had two of her own! Five children! Oh, but little did the beautiful woman know that one day, far and yet not so far into the future, she would lose one of those children born from her body. Her beloved son and beloved brother to all the children, for there were no halves and steps when it came to the four brothers and the pigtailed sister-there was only: brothers and sister. But, what choice would the beautiful woman have made if given it? To lose one from her own body? or . . . one of the three who came along one day, from another mother’s body? What a terrible question! But it was asked by the three children who came to live with the beautiful woman. Yes, the terrible question was asked, “Did she wish it was me instead of her own?” . . . Oh, sad tales are told, sad tales are told, sad tales are lived within the hearts and minds of those who have loved and lost and lost again and forever.

But before that terrible day when the beloved son and brother left, the family was made into a whole, all the pieces come together like a broken tea set where one goes to garage sales and picks up a cup here, a plate there, a saucer here, and takes them home to make one complete, but imperfect, set.

And no one would know by looking at this picture that one would leave them forever; that the father would leave another home and wife; that the sons would scatter to other places save for one; that the pigtailed girl would one day tell fictional tales about families and love and belonging -because she does and she must.
But there are happy endings to this tale, to this broken-tea-set family. Yes . . . so do not fret, for the happy endings are there to soak up and take into your marrow. The beautiful woman found her another handsome prince and is living happily ever after. The brothers and the sister watch out for each other, linked by familial sibling love. The handsome father found him another beautiful princess and they live happily ever after, too.
the end . . . (yet not).

Friday Shoot Out: Study of a Building

2 Oct

I was in Las Vegas this summer with my brother, Tommy. As I’ve said, everything was so much THERE, so big, so loud, so crowded, so MUCH. So, even the mall was as if another world with huge statues, stores with shoes and clothes and purses I would be shocked to see the prices of, restaurants, salons, and more more more and more! Our little Asheville Mall is like a mom and pop store compared to the malls in Las Vegas; I wonder how many of my little Asheville Malls could fit inside these Mall Cities of Vegas. I could be wrong, but I do believe most if not all these photos come from the Bellagio mall “next door” to where we stayed at Cesar’s Palace (I took the photo of the Bellagio building from our hotel window).

Again, the photos aren’t as I’d like them to be-it’s the “perspective,” — the BIG of everything, the crowds – difficult to snap photos that I would be satisfied with. Mostly, I just walked around and held up my camera and clickity clicked without a care in the world.

Friday Shoot Outs are supposed to be “our town” and what sometimes happens is I haven’t left my little log house to take photos since I’m working hard on Secret Graces manuscript, unless they are nature inspired from my cove or surroundings. We do have buildings, laughing, but I didn’t get to one to take photos and hate to miss another FSO, so, Las Vegas will have to do!

Friday Shoot Out: Aged and Weathered

11 Sep

my old hand looks capable . . .

the old white faced coon
our weathered Smoky mountains: some of the oldest in the world

what have these trees seen and endured?
and the old weather-beaten wasp nest hangs on through the moutain storms

spiders build with no worries about tomorrow, or even five minutes from then, they rebuild and rebuild, never giving up . . . the wind at Lake Junalusa has battered this web, the web on my porch is battered by wind and bird’s wings flying by and rain

Pauline chose the assignment for this Friday: Aged and Weathered

I take a break from cleaning up our manuscripts to post this Friday’s shoot out and will be back on Monday with more manuscript posts.
Today is September 11 – this date means many things to many people. What does it mean to you? Has time tempered and softened the edges? Or is it as sharp as ever? or somewhere in between?

Friday Shoot Outs Quickly Done on a Saturday Morning

5 Sep

Well, the best laid plans, right? I planned on going into Maggie Valley, my town, and snap great photos of doors and windows; however, I never drove down my mountain at all — yes, the “Deadline” keeps me focused and in my chair. In fact, one of the windows I snapped is the window I can look out as I write – it’s too hazy and bright in the photo to see the long view of the Great Smoky Mountains, and can barely, if any, see the ridgetops across the cove.

I will be in Asheville this morning as a speaker at the Asheville Writing Enthusiasts meeting, and hope to drive through Maggie Valley proper and snap all manner of photos…I hope.

For now, what I did was rush through my little log house and snap my back door and my front screen door and some windows — oh, I should be ashamed to post them, so hurridly I took them and so awful they turned out, but at least I get my Friday Shoot Outs, even if it’s a Saturday. By one of the front door screens that I half cut off, you can see our walking sticks . . . been a while since I walked up, way way up, using my carved bear-head walking stick. It has a little leather bag attached to it where I have a buckeye and a little stone, and where I can place some other small thing I may find. GMR’s hat waits on the hook – it’s a homemade hanger for our stick and his hat, made from a branch and pieces of twig. I stopped walking way up after my old girl Kayla died, but maybe now that Maggie Lou has settled in and is well, we’ll take those walks up up again.
In one, you can see in the window reflection that I am still in my robe . . . teehee . . . haven’t even finished my Deep Creek Blend coffee.

Now, on to work before I need to drive into Asheville. Ta-ta! Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday Shoot Outs: Incongruous, (Book Give away, and Kat on the Radio Today)

28 Aug

GMR speaks no evil, Kat sees no evil….well, just a little peek is all–maybe not evil as much as weird . . . or incongruous . . .

Jeans that kept their ‘shape’ when slid off while sitting, haw!

isn’t she lovely! isn’t she wunnerfull!

Mary picked this week’s theme, INCONGRUOUS, meaning odd, out of place, not in accord or consistent with something

Some of the photos are from this past spring’s Baton Rouge Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade. GMR and I visited Baton Rouge. A bunch of us met together at the parade. For me, it was quite overwhelming! Not as overwhelming as Las Vegas, but almost. If you live in a small town as I do, too many people, and noise, and music, and buildings and LOUD LOUD LOUD overwhelms. However, I had a good time. I think you’ll figure out which photos are Mardi Gras – laughing.
This is my Maw Maw – she is the inspiration for the Mee Maw character in Tender Graces. If you read TG, then you know how “crazy” Mee Maw is. I don’t think I need any explanations to this photo. There was no one like my Maw Maw, that’s for sure. Later I want to tell some Maw Maw stories . . . sometimes versions of them end up in short stories or TG/SG.

Flying squirrels are strange creatures, but I think they are beautiful all the same. They give chirpy sounds in the night, and flashes of white as they glide from tree to tree to feeder to tree. Sometimes we have to shake them off the feeder, as we take in feeders at night to keep the coons and bears from destroying them.

good lawd. this bears no description.

Today I’m on the radio with Koren Motekaitis! I hope I don’t babble or screech a guffaw or . . . hmm, I think I’ll shut up so I don’t jinx myself *laugh* I am not sure, but I think you can listen to it by clicking on the How She Really Does It website and there’s an icon you can click on that reads “listen live on 95.7.” It begins at 11:00 Pacific time. Wish me luck that I do well – I sometimes have a hard time on the phone, and this interview will be done via phone.
Also, at the Serenity Gate, Barbara is giving away a copy of Tender Graces, stop by if you want to get in on that!
Now, have a great weekend. I’ll be back next week with more “cleaning up your manuscripts” – ciao!

Friday Shoot Outs: Signs & Leisure(from last friday)

21 Aug

I’ve been enjoying the cleaning up our manuscripts posts on dangling participles, similes, tic words, and “body parts that do things on their own” . . . now for just a little break for Friday Shoot Out!

This Friday Shoot Out is: Signs, and from last week I think I can include Leisure. I think these photos could encompass both, since a vacation is leisure, right?

We are “supposed” to do “our town,” but this town happens to be Las Vegas (and one from Spanish Town Mardi Gras in BR at the bottom). I went to LV in July, with my brother Tommy (and in earlier posts I told some stories of our trip).

A thought to consider for today or the weekend….Sometimes we say, or will hear someone say, “In My Next Life, I . . . “

What would you do in your next life you couldn’t or can’t or won’t or didn’t do in this one, if you were to come back as someone/something else? This isn’t a trick question, where I will say, “Then do it!” this is meant only for fun. Or, if you will, what do you want to look like in your next life, or do you even want to be human? Sometimes I’ll say, “In my next life, I will be tall and have long thick glorious hair.”

So, complete the sentence: “In my next life, I will . . . ” (look like, do, be, find, enjoy, become . . . etcetera!). Have a nice Friday, or weekend if you take a blog break! I’ll be back with some other “cleaning up our manuscripts” posts
(and later I’ll post more Las Vegas Trip stories, since these photos are reminding me – as well as Top Chef is on Bravo right now and it is in Vegas! meemoorrieessss….)

As I’ve said in other posts, it was hard to take good photos in vegas because of perspective – the sheer size, the crowds, things in the way…etc.

our hotel room at Cesars

the mall was full of designer stores…I gawked

I have included this one from the Baton Rouge Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade from this past spring (when Rog and I visited there) – the famous Spanish Town Capitol Grocery with all its signs in the window and the signs on the t-shirts of the employees doling out food! Food is EVERYTHING in South Louisiana!

Friday Shoot Outs: Power, where do you get your power? (and our discussions continued)

7 Aug

Power from a mountain sunrise, power from my friends, power from this cove at Killian Knob, power from my writing, power from the ancient quality of these smoky mountains: my town–Maggie Valley in Haywood County, western North Carolina…that’s were I feel my power enter my marrow and settle deep into my bones. There comes power from art, too – like “Spring Fever” from Lorelle Bacon–I stared at this painting for many a day thinking of Virginia Kate coming alive.
I feel my power from nature, from friends, from art, from all of you . . . I could lie upon the north carolina earth and feel the vibration of the mountain and all who are buried beneath….the bones call out to me, “We are real….we are here . . .”

I have two discussions going on this blog that I want to re-visit: The “Labels” or “Names” we place on ourselves or others – and how “the arts” is harder to define, how maybe we must we define ourselves, how our peers or colleagues define us, etc… Very interesting answers! And, further down was the discussion on “Mothers giving up their children . . . ” – I saw where that was labeled a “new trend” – “new trend,” huh? well . . . hmmm. Anyway -that’s another discussion I want to re-visit. As well as some other themes in Tender Graces that interest me that I’ll get to soon! My deadline for VK2 is approaching…..
What defines you? Who defines you? Join in the discussion below. Or, tell me: Do you think mothers are more harshly judged for “giving up their children” than men are? And if so, why?
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