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Our Rose & Thorn Journal: Saying Goodbye.

2 Dec

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Hello, gentle readers & contributors:

It is with great regret and sadness that we are “closing down” production of Rose & Thorn Journal after nearly 15 years.

This decision did not come easily, as it is always hard to let go of a long-held “labor of love.”

We truly appreciate our wonderful volunteer staff. (You made each issue shine!) Likewise, the talented contributors of art, prose, and poetry. Your works filled every R&T edition with offerings for readers to enjoy. Thanks also to our supporters, fans, and friends.

Our last issue will be the spring issue in May.
We would love it if you would drop by our R&T Facebook page and leave a note.

Thank you all.

dsc08287Angie Ledbetter & Kat Magendie


Links: Daniel Wallace Guest Author at R&T, Firefly Dance, RAP, etc

14 Sep

Morning y’all. Today I have general poodley-doo and links for you. I’m in the homestretch for the final Graces Saga, and after that, well, who knows what comes next. I have some thoughts, but they are wavery and hidden behind mists and are so unformed, I do not know what I’ll discover.

First. The Firefly Dance anthology that I have a novella “Petey” in, along with works by Sarah Addison Allen, Augusta Trobaugh, and Phyllis Schieber, is now out in print and ebook forms. I believe that Bellebooks will be having some sort of Kindle promo, but I do not know when or how or what it will be. However, I want to pass that along. As always, I hope you will ask for books in bookstores, especially your local independent bookstore, and the library. Yes, I linked to Amazon, but I cannot deny that people buy books for kindle!

In Rose & Thorn news: if you haven’t stopped by our Rose & Thorn Journal, please do before the summer issue flies away.

Our fall issue goes live October 15th, and we have a Special Guest Author: Daniel Wallace, author of BIG FISH (which was made into a movie in 2003) is our Guest Author for our fall issue. We will, from time to time, have special guest authors/poets.

We are proud of all of our gifted and talented writers and poets – Angie Ledbetter and I want to extend to you the invitation to submit to Rose & Thorn. Go in, read all of or a sampling of our stories and poetry in summer issue and in the archived issues – then submit!

Angie and I, our Managing Editor Cynthia Toups, and the wonderful staff of R&T, are known for publishing established and emerging voices. We love it when we “discover” a new voice, someone who hasn’t been published before – it’s exciting!

I found this on Fuel Your Writing, where people are sending in their writing spaces. I haven’t yet, but I just might!

On Jane Friedman’s blog: Writing on the Ether by former CNN journalist Porter Anderson. “Writing on the Ether will round up some of the best and timeliest articles related to writing and publishing that you don’t want to miss.”

There was a “Random Acts of Publicity” on Facebook, where people could go in and talk about an author’s book. Linda Leschak, who has been a contributor to Rose & Thorn and quite the wonderful writer herself, surprised me by talking up SWEETIE on RAP, along with a fun interview with me. Thank you, Linda! I hope y’all will stop by her blog, if not to read the blushingly wonderful things she said about Sweetie, then, most important, to come to know an interesting strong woman.

I didn’t think I was going to try this, but I did try the Kindlegraph. I put the Sweetie novel only because I was curious, and because I want to stop being afraid of new things *laugh* – so, Sweetie is now on Kindlegraph, and I’ve “signed” a few Sweeties. Very weird and surreal thing this new world of books and publishing and interaction between readers and authors is! Still not sure what I think about it, but it is there and I will see what comes of it.

That’s enough for now. Hope you all enjoy the links. Now go do the day! Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week. And don’t forget to spend some time relaxing and finding a state of gratitude! Namaste.

Ghostly Hands in the shower, and Linky Love

1 Jun

I’m having a good old time laughing on my Facebook page about, um, the weird thing that happened to me while I was in the shower. This came after a night of really bizarre dreams. But the comments about it are cracking me up The weird thing that happened is this, and I’ll just cut and paste from FB status:

At the risk of sounding really weird (hush up! I heard that!) here’s what happened: I was in the shower, rinsing shampoo from my hair, pushing my hands through my hair—right hand, left hand—when suddenly I felt a THIRD HAND push against my head! Freaked. Me. Out! I turned, heart pounding: nothing there. Then I realized it must have only been water hitting my head just so—that’s my story & I’m sticking to it. Dang.

Ghostly hand helping me wash my hair – good lawd! Then last night, my coffee maker turned on and started the coffee while I was in bed reading -LAWD! – okay, maybe it was accidentally programmed – or … do do do do do do do do do do do do …. So, anyone have ghostly tales?

Today I have links –

I was a guest at the wonderful William Johnson’s place: Life through the Prism: an author’s journal – stop by and say hello and visit: Writing out the Fear . . .

I hope you’ll go by the Rose & Thorn Journal blog – lots of good stuff there. I am the first post today (we post every Wednesday) but if you scroll down, you will see so many great posts about writers and writing and life. We have a feature called “Back Story” where the writers we have published in Rose & Thorn Journal write a post for the blog about their experience or thoughts, etc, on the story they wrote. My post is actually an archive from my blog here “Behind the Wizard’s Curtain.”

I just finished two wonderful novels – one is yet unpublished and the other recently published: Our own Sharla Scroggs (She is writing under Sharla Lovelace) has a novel coming out soon – I read it to “blurb” it for her and was so enchanted; I adore her book! I simply could not put it down and was sad when it was over; BRAVA Sharla!

The second novel is The Secret of Lies by Barbara Forte Abate. What is funny is we were both reading each other’s novels at the same time and we both loved each other’s novels – I felt so lucky to have read two books in a row where I could not put down the book and where I loved loved the characters and setting, etc. Barbara has a great inspiring blog post up today: If you write it, they will reject it.

You can win a copy of Teresa Frohock’s newly almost-released book – Win an autographed copy of MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALE! on her agent’s blog, Weronika Janczuk.

Jan O’hara, Miz Tart, is doing a survey on Author Interviews – she’d love your help and response!

Okay, that’s enough for today. Y’all have a good great day and weekend to come!

(all photos are kat magendie’s except for R&T keys icon & R&T cover art

Rose & Thorn, Joy, I was in my own Way

15 Apr

Hi Yawwwwl. The spring issue of Rose & Thorn Journal is now live! Take a break from your tax woes and angsts to waller in some great poetry, prose, art. Let the writers/poets/artist know what you think – let US know what you think.

While there, if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, which goes out quarterly the day we go live, please think about doing so.

Without our readers’ support, we are nothing. We need you. We want you. We love you. We adore you.

Now, back to my VK III manuscript – I had a breaththrough (oh, look what I wrote on accident! breath-through instead of break-through!) and now the words and scenes and images are coming faster and faster and faster. This is the cool stage. This is what I’ve been waiting for. This is wonderful and exciting and how it always usually is – whatever had been stopping me from this stage has flown away–I WAS STOPPING ME FROM THIS STAGE! huhn.

my fave photo of me at conference :-D
my dear  beautiful Angie

Alaine captured Joy

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back to my mountain cove at Killian Knob on Sunday Evening. If you see my BoopMobile on the road, give me a honk and wave. By Monday, I should be back to my regular schedule of MWF posting and when I can, Sunday Blogwalking visiting. But, with VK III coming so fast and furious now, I need to put most all my attention on that. *MUWAH*

PS – will post this link Monday – but Angie Ledbetter, I, and two staff members went to the conference, as you may have seen me blog about below, and Darrelyn Saloom wrote up a little bit about us, including our Rose & Thorn Journal – since Angie and I were on a panel for R&T, etc. It’s a nice article on the writing life. The post is on Jane Friedman’s “There are no Rules” blog for Writer’s Digest Magazine (this is online).

What a Dump! + 10 Ingredients of super prose + "Crazy Super Fans" + a webcomic

23 Mar

Linky Love/Random Photo/Random Video Day

1960s Bestsellers. I found this site while looking at book covers. Bellebooks may end up re-doing my Graces Trilogy book covers so that all three “go together” better. Tender Graces and Secret Graces have such different covers, there is a bit of disconnect perhaps? Anyway, more on that later as I find out! Although, it would be cool to hear what you all think about the covers of TG and SG and Sweetie–which one is your favorite?

I saw this on my MSN Home page – lawd! Crazy Super Fans. Now, thing is, y’all, um, how come no one has tattooed me on their back? huh? Huh? Or all over their torso? Well? I’m waiting *tap tap tap tap tap* … laughing.

On Gumbo Writers Blog, Angie has compiled a TOP 10 INGREDIENTS OF GREAT PROSE for our Rose and Thorn Journal. And on the Rose & Thorn blog: Radical Writing by Wil Hough

I’ve been enjoying this webcomic by really nice guys named Cliff and Patrick.  They’re trying to get it off the ground, so if you have time, stop by and read about Shadow the Super Cat – he’s like Garfield’s cousin once removed or something *laugh*

Beginning Thursday evening, I’ll be a guest author at Cathryn’s Place. I’ll post the link to it on Friday. Meanwhile, stop by and say hello to Cathryn – a former Louisianian turned Californian!

Now for our Random Video:

In honor of Elizabeth Taylor in the sad news of her passing – an Icon -here is one of her finest performances: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf and the scene “What a Dump”

all photos taken by Kat Magendie

Whoooooshhh – that’s me passing by in a blur . . .

15 Oct

Hi Y’all – just a quick stop in to say hello, happy Friday, and that the Rose & Thorn fall issue is now Live! Hope you will go by and take a look at the prose, poetry, and our artist.

We have company at the little log house, so I need to get back in there to be sociable.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have changing leaves and a nice chill in the air as we do?

Next week, on Wednesday, I’ll be leaving GMR, the cove, the dogs, the ghost dog, and the little log house, my mountains, for Oregon to see my son, daughter in law, and my little Norah Kathryn –so excited. Anyone have any trips coming up?

Later y’all . . .

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