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Random Images while traveling the Deep South in October . . .

25 Nov

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On the Brink, Super Bowl Party-Pooper Ice/Snow, Party in Hendersonville

4 Feb

Tomorrow I’ll be in Hendersonville, NC:
. . . Red Step Artworks this Saturday for our 3yr Anniversary Party and the Grand Opening of our sister . . . Joy of Books! Festivities, including, book signing (I’ll be signing Sweetie, TG/SG), painting demos, live music, refreshments and adult beverages from 6-9pm Then after party at the Blue Note Grille’ with more live music from Corinne Gooden! Please join us!

Then, later on this month, I’ll be here on the panel, etc:
The Jacksonville State University Department of English is pleased to present “I Ain’t Been Much Farther Than My Mailbox,” the fifteenth On the Brink Conference, on Saturday, February 19 at Leone Cole Auditorium.On the Brink is designed as a provocative and entertaining gathering of Southern writers and readers. The conference offers a forum for emerging writers as they explore the Southern experience through our past, present and future. The conference will bring together writers in a range of genres. The writers attending the conference will read from their works and discuss their reasons for working in their chosen genre, as well as respond to questions from the audience.

PS – just saw this in my google alerts: interviewed by Brett for Anniston Star for the event. :-D

Everything feels frozen over, even if I know that’s not true. In fact, it’s warmer here than it is where my mom, dad, brother, neices, etc, live in Arlington, Texas – where the Super Bowl is to be played. I can imagine the panic as they worry about fans reaching the new stadium – the millions of dollars that could be lost (I wrote cold instead of could at first! ha! Freudian slip!) because people can’t get to the game.

I worry about winter weather, too, when it comes to events. There’s always the chance of ice and snow. Maybe I’ll have problems driving there, or other people will and the event isn’t successful. And even if it’s not my fault that the event isn’t successful, I’ll still feel bad. Lawd! But, imagining a millions of dollars event like the Super Bowl this Sunday and how ice and snow may thumb its nose at the puny humans – well, it makes me glad it’s not MY event *lawdy be!* I’ll be watching the Super Bowl from the comfort and warmth of my living room.

What about you? What will you be doing for Super Bowl? Were you going and had to cancel your plans? Or do you watch “The Puppy Bowl” (so cute!), or leave the house?

If you watch the Super Bowl, what do you eat?

Or do you care? what?

Be Safe; have a wonderful weekend, and if you are in the Hendersonville, NC area tomorrow night, I’d love to say hello!

PS S- and thank you for your kind comments on the music video below! I’ve told my brother about them. Also, some of you on Monday’s post were interested in SWEETIE review copies, but did not leave your email address or email me and without that, I do not know how to contact you.

Catfish are jumpin into plates, ole black water, mississippi moon.

28 Feb

WE HAVE A WINNER! Barbara at Serenity Gate wins the two books (from the list above) of her choice. Barbara – please email me and give me your address again — I may still have your address in my files on this computer, but I may not. Mr. Good Man Roger can email your books to you if I’m not home soon!

We have two second place winners — Sandra Leigh and Blue Violet – so if y’all will send me your mailing addresses via the hotmail email, I will send you just a little something when I get back to my mountain (when will that be? oh, I do not know! Poor Good Man Roger and Fat Labrador Jake are missing their Wolf Kat!).

My Worry News is that my beloved Frank – my mother’s husband, who is like a second Father to me is very ill and needs surgery. They are moving him to Dallas to have the surgery. I will be leaving the Grandfather Oaks Spanish Moss Kings Cake Shrimp Poboy Beautiful People Warm Humid Air Springs Already Here land of South Louisiana and heading to TexasLand to be with my family – my mother & Frank, my father, my brother, my neices, etc, all live there – and once there I will support and hope that Frank comes through the surgery okay.

So again, I must ask you all to have patience with me as I am not in my regular routine and schedule on my mountain – I am going to try to take some time to visit you all before things get hectic again. I thank you all for your kind comments and for the fun and joy and smiles you bring as I read your comments – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU *MUWAH!*
Please keep Frank in your thoughts, your vibes, your prayers – whatever you believe, I believe it all helps in the energies in the air towards Texasland and my Frank and mom.
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