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Friday: No linky love today, but some more Fairhope Photo Love!

6 Apr

My besties and I are still in beautiful quiet Fairhope. It’s a different kind of small town, of course, from my tiny Maggie Valley (Maggie is very small and my cove quite serene and silent), and Fairhope’s small quiet fits me.

I have been mostly unplugged, as you may or may not have noticed :-D . . . so, for now, more Fairhope scenes in a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am excited about Family Graces‘s release coming soon, and as well, I do believe there will be some kind of promo for Tender Graces for two days in May to “celebrate” FG’s release. Finally, after so much writing writing writing, angst,  love, joy, fear, writing writing writing, frustration, happiness, progress, writing writing writing, neglect of friends and GMR, WHOOP moments and Oh Dang moments, writing writing writing, and everything around and in between, finally, finally, I will have the family saga trilogy completed of Tender Graces, Secret Graces, and Family Graces. I feel this sense of: There. Done. Yes.

I’ll be working on book 6 this coming year, and will have to really put my head down so that I complete it by deadline this time next year. Exciting. New characters to discover!

What not to do:

Now, y’all go have a wonderful weekend, and have a nice Easter if you celebrate that. Namaste.


Wednesday F4A: – Fairhope, Alabama, Photo/slideshow

4 Apr

I am still in Fairhope with besties Angie and Alaine. Below is a photo of the park in Fairhope – along with a slideshow of some general shots of birds and such, just because that’s what I felt like taking at the time  . . . Haw! We’re relaxing and writing and lazing about. For y’all stopping by, I appreciate you! All right – I think a nap is calling me – :-D Most all these were taken by me, other than the one of me taking photos of the inside of my hat . . . laughing . . .

slideshow below . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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