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Wednesday F4A: I am your guinea pig . . . product “reviews”

7 Mar

Morning all y’allses! Time to give a shout out, or sometimes a gentle shout down, to products out there that I try out and then pass on my thoughts to you. Yup, when I’m not writing novels or editing R&T, I’m trying out this and that on my face, and in or on my body, or other products I am curious about. You know as “Personal Trainer Kat” I am all about healthy living, looking and feeling my best. Again, I am not “advertising” any of these, and of course I do not receive any compensation. Shoot, they don’t even know lil ole pea-headed me exists. Just giving you all a “head’s up” on my experiences.


Sometimes I’m just plain spoiled. Which is funny because I have been “poor” in my life, with little to eat, and we’d have to eat the cheapest of foods, and lots and lots of beans (to this day, I still love me some beans! I never tired of them). So, when I become all snippity-uppity about certain foodstuffs and won’t eat the ones I used to eat, I do feel spoiled. But, Sclafani Tuna packed in olive oil has become My Tuna. I can’t eat the others any longer — they are mooshy and tasteless. I’m on the look-out for others that are of this quality–that’s in a can versus what we purchase at the fish market–and no luck so far.

I purchase this product at Home Tech The Kitchen Shop store on Main Street Waynesville – love that little kitchen store with all its wonderful kitchen and foodstuffs. And I love to shop locally.

What they say: I couldn’t find anything to describe the tuna itself, so here’s what they say about Sclafani –   The Gus Sclafani Corporation was founded by Gus Sclafani himself in Norwalk, Ct in 1911. Since then, the brand has been passed down through the Sclafani family and is still operated by family members. Sclafani has survived the past 100 years by persistently seeking the highest quality food products from around the world and bringing them to your doorstep.

What I love: The tuna is “fresh-tasting” and doesn’t have that mooshy consistency I find in the tunas I grew up eating (now they are a bit like catfood to me – ungh ungh!). The poached in olive oil tuna makes this product yummier and healthy–though I do believe you can find it packed in water. I can eat this straight out of the can with crackers. Fresh tuna from your seafood market is the best, but when you can’t do that, consider this as a substitute. We use other Sclafani products, as well, and find them delicious and “fresh-tasting.”

What I don’t like: It’s becoming difficult to find this product. The price has risen and that gives me pause. I wish the product were easier to find and the price wouldn’t keep rising–though if I knew the reason for its rising and it was a good one, I’d reconsider my angsty doodly doo-doo about it.

The last time GMR purchased it, it had gone up to over $4 a can. But, really, $4 for a meal? I know you can buy “the other brands” for much cheaper, but they won’t taste the same once you are spoiled! Oh Dilemma!


I don’t particularly like most brands of make-up, because it can feel caked on my face even when I use a light hand, or the make-up will feel as if it is “sliding around/off” in humid weather. So, mineral make-up offered a wonderful alternative and I jumped at it. I use Bare Minerals–which I believe is the original mineral make-up.

What they say: It began when we asked women to imagine a makeup that would actually change the way they feel about their skin and themselves. We encouraged women to take a leap and try something so unique, so unlike anything they’ve experienced before. We started the idea that makeup could actually be considered skincare, and we got people talking. A makeup that could be good for you? The Bare Escentuals community was born. Read more at Bare Escentuals Site.

What I love: This make-up feels as if I am wearing none at all, but the coverage is enough to smooth out my complexion. It is light and leaves a “glow” to the face. I haven’t tried all of their products yet, so I can only talk about the foundation, but I love it enough to purchase other products. Their mineral veil gives my face this really nice glowy radiance. This isn’t a “powder” even though it looks like one, so you don’t have that ‘powdery mask’ feel. It just melts into your face. Love it.

What I don’t like: I could say “price” but the make up lasts so long, the price isn’t an issue. Also, the pricing is becoming more reasonable with their “try it out” packages–some as low as $20, and some higher at $60.  Actually, the foundations aren’t that bad at around $25-30; they have a 15 SPF sunscreen, and as I said, they last a long long time–you really do need a light hand. I hate the containers I have. The ones I am using are messy and a Pain In The Arse with the mineral powder going every which-a-way. Soon as I’m out, I’ll buy the new packaging and that will take care of that, as they’ve updated the packaging.

So, yes, this will most probably be my Make-Up For Life. I just love it that much.


I love white teeth. I just do. Good strong teeth! I take good care of mine – go for regular cleanings, floss every night (y’all should be, too, -not just for your teeth but for your overall health), brush twice a day, etc etc etc. Since I drink strong black coffee, and age can be a factor as well, my teeth can look a little “dingy.” Enter Crest Whitestrips–I’ve used the full-strength ones in the past to get rid of staining, and now about twice a year I use the renewal or daily oomphy do dah day one or whatever.

I bought my last one at CVS in Waynesville for about $25 – $30, but it was on sale and as well I had a nice coupon.

What they say: Reduces a visible sign of aging of teeth. Enamel Safe – same ingredient dentists use. Use twice a day for 30 minutes for 10 days. Designed to conform to the shape of your teeth. Satisfaction Guaranteed*

What I love: These things do whiten and brighten my teeth. Granted, I don’t have a lot of staining and my teeth look pretty nice to begin with, but they will give you a couple of shades of brightening.

What I don’t like: No matter how easy they try to make these things, you still have to afix something to your teeth and wait 30 minutes or so for it to work. It can cause tooth sensitivity if you aren’t careful and sometimes even when you are, but this always goes away.  They aren’t cheap and prices vary from $40, to $50 or $60. I do think they have the “original” ones that you can find for as little as $20 – $25, but I bet they are phasing out those.

Well worth it once or twice a year to give me that bright smile I love without paying my dentist a whole lot more to do it.


As you all may know from my Personal Trainer Kat posts, I watch my added sugar intake. “Added sugar?” you may ask :-D – that just means the “added sugar” we “add” to our foods and drinks or that are added by manufacturers of the food/drink–like soft drinks/pops/sodas (I have a Coke about once a year), or candies, cookies, yogurts, etc etc etc. There are naturally occurring sugars in fruits and veggies and such, and those are not considered “added sugar” to my diet. ANNNYYYWAYYYY . . .

Dark Chocolate has less sugar and fat, and has all these whooopie-doo anti-oxidants or some fiddle dee dee (I don’t have to go into all that since I’m not PT Kat today but a guinea pig teehee).

I bought these at CVS in Waynesville for about $4.99 (sometimes they are on sale).

What I love: These truffles taste decadent–smooth, creamy, rich. I can eat one and be satisfied, as dark chocolate tends not to be a chocolate I can gobble down (like milk chocolate – ohhh!).

What I don’t like: You don’t get very many for the price, but that’s okay. They’re meant to be a treat. I have to put this under “splurge for spoiled kat” category! I usually will purchase some other kind of dark chocolate that isn’t as pricey, but then again, you do get what you pay for in many products and foodstuffs. And sometimes splurging on things makes me feel pampered. It also makes me feel grateful–all those years I wasn’t able to “spoil myself.”

*Want one now!*


That’s it for today. I’m running late as you may notice. Time to work on the next novel that will be released in 2013 and that means less time online, though my blog and our conversations here (and on Facebook) are a highlight of my day!

And, Family Graces, the final in the Graces Trilogy, will be released soon!  So we’re in last minute slippity slap slurps of that.

Y’all go do the day. And if you know of some good Tuna in olive oil, or some dark chocolate, well, enlighten me! :-D

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