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Friday Linky Love Day: Little’a this and little’a that.

24 Feb

Colleague and friend, author Vanessa Gebbie – the US edition of her novel, The Coward’s Tale, comes out early next week with Bloomsbury. I read Gebbie’s collection of stories, “Words from a Glass Bubble,” and oh, I was so happy to have read that book, so looking forward to her novel. She also has a really cool website that rather fascinates me.

Some of you may have already read this post from a while back, but if not, I’m a guest on Bellebooks/Bell Bridge books blog – Is the Novelist Work Not Valued, or Under Valued?

Stacy S. Jensen “Writing My Way Through Life” has a Thankful Thursday (love!), and for her TT this week, she talks about the wonderful Writer Unboxed, for which they will soon have a newsletter. Go by and check out Stacy’s blog, and while there, read all about Writer Unboxed and their up-coming newsletter news. Excited!

A friend of mine has a new blog, so want to send her some linky love — Stories of Strong Southern Women–“Nothing is ever truly forgotten. The past lives forever in our memories. Marina Aimer.”

I adore MORE magazine, and am a subscriber. Received my new issue yesterday and am gobbling it up. I love how it is geared towards women over 40, although the magazine attracts other ages, as well. They are also online, and have a 20 Get-Healthy Beauty Picks. Since I do my “I’m your guinea pig” series on Wednesay Free-for-all, I may try out one or two of these products and let you know how it goes–especially the Miss Oops for rosacea. I would be in a state of YAYY! if More would have my books in their “books” section. Especially for “women over 50” who have achieved a life-long dream. A girl can dream for more (haha! hey -!) can’t she? :-D lawd.

On the Rose & Thorn Blog, we added a feature in the comments section where you may now add a link to your blog or website when you leave a comment. We’re hoping you will stop by and subscribe, read, comment. Our poets, writers, and artists will appreciate you. Up now is notice on our two new artists for our new Art Gallery.

I read a lot of my publishing news on Huffington Post. It’s an easy way to see things at a glance. They also have many things to read — health, beauty, entertainment, etc etc etc — as if I need one more place to distract me – haw! But, well, dang.

And speaking of distraction, I dipped my teeny toe in Pinterest. I’m not sure if I’ll be so active with it, but I do see the appeal! What I want to be careful with is copyright issues. I’m uber careful about copyright, but I will be fiddle-dee-deeing around with it, as long as I am sure whatever images I place on my “boards” are not someone else’s “property.” When I signed up, Pinterest automatically followed a bunch of people, so maybe I am already following you there! :-D

An Update – Author Sharla Lovelace (The Reason is You will be out this spring, right about the time my Family Graces will be – I read this book because I “cover-blurbed” it – it’s wonderful!) anyway, I’m (Sweetie is) on her “Shameless Saturday” where writers can leave a comment and “shamelessly” talk about their works.



I was fascinated by the images that showed up on just my name and my name + Tender Graces in google images. Including this photo (lawd! laughing!). (No, I wasn’t googling myself -teeheee- I was looking for my Amazon Author Page to make sure these posts were showing up . . . they are . . . and saw the links. Huhn. :-D) Yup, that’s Tender Graces covering the, uh, the, um, well I . . .  anyway . . . *ahem* Anyyyywaaaaay, I have a vague memory of someone sending me this image and our having a good laugh, but I don’t remember who it was . . . haw! lawdy.

This video made me laugh. I don’t do book signings anymore (or very very rarely), so this really hit home “You mean it didn’t go well; I signed you for three more” and the look on his face – haw! :-D

Soon I should be receiving the new bookcover for the 2nd book, Secret Graces, and the for the final in the trilogy, Family Graces, and when I do, I’ll share them *smiling.* Beginning March 1, my “vacay break between novels” ends and I’ll be putting my head down to work on my 5th novel (not counting the novella, but maybe I should!). Terrifying and exciting and wonderful.

What’s your news? What’s happening with you? Any news you want to share?

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