*Blinks in the Bright Sunshine* I’m corralling my chaos (kinda sorta) ….

I’d promised myself this year I would work towards corralling (some of) the chaos in my life. That begins with becoming more organized even—gasp—creating lists, and—bigger gasp—actually looking at those lists instead of forgetting them—and HUGE gasp—actually doing things on the lists and then scratching them off. Yeah. WHUPOW, y’all!

That includes updating my blog, and as well updating my website. Blogwise, I went through theme after theme and this one just kept shining out at me. It made me happy. It made me feel energetic. It feels like MOVEMENT and JOY and POWER and INTELLIGENCE. And that’s where I want to focus my life: MOVEMENT & JOY & POWER & INTELLIGENCE, and all the innards and outards of life and science and writing and editing and relationships and family and friends and health and food. The white background bothered me at first, but it works for me too, for that blank page means: what’s next in the story?

Of course, not having a Strict Theme to my blog is just more of my chaos, right? Maybe.  But better to dump it all here than my brain expand and explode, right? RIGHT! WHEE HAW! Or, explode my friends’ and family’s brains with  my BOINGITY BOINGITY.

I will also gladly tell you that I’ve started a new novel. More on that later.

My editing business has been doing quite well despite my not “advertising” it thusly and so’ly and ecterly. Word of mouth and repeat clients is an awesome thing: thank you.

My published novels: welp, more on that later too.

More on EVERYTHING later. Cause that’s how I want my blog to be. Whatever I want it to be. And let the readers come, or let them not. This will be a place I can express whatever I am in the mood to express.

And you are welcomed to the madness, if you so dare to be.

I will post at least once a month, and I hope to post twice a month. That’s a promise I’m making to myself: Promise Made.