Cleaning up our Manuscripts: from the archives–less/fewer; said/read, the ‘little things’ & throwing out rules for rhythm

31 Jan

Good Monday to you all. Time for another link back to archives for Cleaning up our Manuscripts. Today’s a general tidbit archive link: less and fewer, the little things that create beautiful or memorable prose, throwing out the rules for rhythm, whatnot (I just wanted to write “whatnot”).

ready for spring

I hiked up to Whale Back Rock – Sweetie and Melissa’s secret place  – yesterday, and I made a video. It’s a bit shaky and not so good, but maybe that fits, ha! I’m waiting for my other brother to compose music for the background. Soon, I’ll also finish the other video my big brother composed music for, for the Graces novels. My brothers are gifted *smiling*

Yesterday on Sunday Morning, they had stuttering kids – made me think of Melissa, how she stuttered, and how Sweetie’s magic helped her. It’s tough being a kid when you feel different, or when you can’t express yourself “like everyone else.” We all could use a Sweetie in our lives – even as adults.

Now, you all go have a good day! I’m going for a run, and then I must work on VK III – it’s time to stop playing around. Deadlines are not kind to playing around.

PS – I forgot to mention! If you asked for a Review Copy of Sweetie, please email me – my website has an “email me” icon, and maybe on my blog profile.

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