My brother’s music he composed for my Graces Saga books, called "The Saga of Virginia Kate"

2 Feb

Well, I managed to fix up a video to go along with my brother Michael’s music he composed for me. I’ll end up using the music for other things, as well, that go with the Graces Saga books. I’m proud of my brother! Although, the face of the video for some reason has the Sweetie novel, but that should change later as I went in and changed the thumbnail icon (just takes a while to show up).

I’ll probably end up fiddling with this video some more, but I wanted to have something out there for all the work my brother did and how quickly he did it for me. YAY MICHAEL! Thank you Big Brother!

So, The Saga of Virginia Kate, music by Michael Snellings. Enjoy.

Let’s all support our musicians, artists, writers, and poets – they need our support and love!

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