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Friday Links? . . . lawd y’allses! I’m discombobulated again.

13 Apr

okay, not a chicken but it looks headless in this photo :-D

Once again I have run around like a headless bawk bawk bawk and did not pull together my links. Which leaves me wondering if perhaps this third day of posting, or the linky love itself, isn’t going to work out – hmmmmmm. I must must concentrate on the next book and that takes priority. Hmmmmm. And along with R&T duties and other things I do. Hmmmmmm. *Kat’s wild-eyed with Hmmm’ingness*

I do well with Monday and Wednesday posts and enjoy them. But lately, I am having difficulty with Friday Linky Love. Thing is, I love linking to other bloggers and authors and people and places — love it and the community it pulls together! However, I find I forget who I’ve linked to (even though I started a master list – I forget to add to it –teeheehee *coughing out dumbass*), and I forget whom I was going to link to because I don’t write it down or bookmark it – dang my hide (coughing out DA again).

sail away sail away sail away -

I’m going to give this some thought. Maybe I need something else here on Fridays–photography? I have often thought of that. Especially when I buy my new “Good Camera” and the photography becomes more of my passion but with a better apparatus by which to create it (my writing comes first of course – can never give that up -but the photography is a well-loved “hobby”). And others’ photography out there they may like to talk about?–although, we have Photo of the Day (POD) on Facebook that’s pretty danged cool. Hmmmmm hmmmm HMMMMMMMM! lawd, he’p me.

What do you all think? Do you enjoy the links? Or, would you enjoy some photography/art or something like that? Or something else, though it has to be really simple.  Or just the two days a week is fine by you cause like me you all are busy and there are SO many social networking sites and blogs and such as it is?

I’m up for suggestions or thoughts!

This makes me Laugh My Arse Off every time I see it

Now y’allses go have a great Friday the 13th and enjoy your weekend! and I leave you with a photo of my friend Angie (in hat) and me (in sunglasses) while in Fairhope, Alabama. I posted this to Facebook and of course I have to put it here even though Angie will kill me for it *laughing* OMG her face is priceless-she didn’t make that face on purpose, y’all! – I’m still giggling over it and as I write I’m beginning to laugh me arse off again . . . HAW! :-D

PS – I put a linkee thingee to join me on Pinterest over there to the right on my side bar, and a “share” section down there that means you can share any photos here long as you credit me for them, of course, as that’s the po-lite thang to do. I’m fiddling around with Pinterest a little here and there, but carefully. Later!


Linky Love Friday: I’m showing mine; now you show me yours!

9 Mar

"Momma, can I go out and play with my friends?"

Morning All Y’allses Beautiful People out there!

While I ain’t a social networking wizard, I do spend a fair amount of time with social networking sites before I start my writing day, or during a break in writing. Partly because otherwise I’d be so reclusive I’d soon be running down the cove road nekkid yanking out my hair, rending my garments, shouting, “Aiyeeeeeee Aiyeeeeee Aiyeeeee!” And partly because it is really “Expected” of an author to show herself on social networking.

Really, gone are the days when authors sat on their ivory high golden thrones as enigmas that rarely interacted with their readers (though some are still there and perhaps rightly so!). Now, authors must show their faces, to some degree, to the “World,” and not just our physical faces, but pieces of ourselves. I keep a lot of my life still private, but I also share bits of my life — not just about my books, which you know I do not do much of that, but about writing and friends and books and products and etc etc etc. It is how I stay connected, yet still remain rather reclusive here in the cove.

Come Join!

So, I’d like to invite you all to join me on FACEBOOK, and on TWITTER–where I do most all of my social networking (other than this blog), and if you are interested in further social networking (where I admit I am lacking in time and energy and pieces of me stretched thin to spend too much time on—), Pinterest (be careful with copyright issues!) and I make the rounds every so often on Google+. I’m on Networked Blogs, as well, now that I figured out you have to actually join it, teeheehee. If you’ve requested friending/following and not heard back from me, that probably means I never saw the request, accidentally deleted it, went in spam file, something, as I do my best to answer all mail, email, requests, et cetera!

In the comments section, I invite you to share your links and further, if you like, something about You. So share! Let us know who you are and where you are!

Join us on R&T's Facebook page!

There on my Facebook page, I have Rose & Thorn Journal’s page, Writer Unboxed, Photo of the Day, and other wonderful places to visit/join/like. If you have an “author page” (which I do not), feel free to link to that as well so we can all check it out.





See you later from the smoky mountain cove at killian knob

Y’all have a wonderful weekend — go do the day and remember to Be Filled with Gratitude.

Friday Linky Love: something for everyone

27 Jan

Oh, I am late with my linky love this morning. But all because of good wonderful things. First, I have received back my manuscript from my editor for the third Graces book in the trilogy (Family Graces) and she didn’t maul me! She didn’t slaughter me! She loved the book! Yay! I am so relieved. However, I do have some little things here and there to fix, so I will be hunkering down for that.

Then! in other good news: Bellebooks/Bell Bridge Books has offered me a contract on what will be my sixth book (one of those was a novella)! To be released next September 2013. I am so excited. More later, for there’s lots to be done before I talk too much about this book; however, it’s a little different. It’ll have some supernatural elements (though my stuff kind of touches on that anyway).

So, I’m quickly posting some links and then I have to run run run –

First, I am a guest at Lines of Beauty. She has reposted something I wrote here because she liked it and wanted her readers to enjoy. I hope you will stop by and say hello to her – visit her blog, give her some love! (My “Professor Kat” photo is up and it makes me laugh).

I know I have linked to Writer Unboxed before, but they continue to have wonderful informative posts. Today Jane Friedman has 5 Attitudes Toward Publishing You Should Avoid – there seems to be some trouble with the link today but I hope you will keep trying, or go by the Writer Unboxed site on Facebook (see below).

I like to stop by Publishing Pulse, Query Tracker, where there is a round up of links. There’s a little of this, that, and the other in publishing news.

I’m seeing Pinterest (Pinterest is an online pinboard) all over the place and I have the “go ahead” to do my own Pinterest site, but I’m hesitating – one more thing to do. However, I am going to check it out. Are any of you doing it? and if so, what do you think?

And because it makes me laugh and smile and miss my Lil Boop . . . a day at the park with Granny Kat . . .

And Soco Falls in Cherokee Reservation

I hope you’ll come join me on Facebook – we have a good time there. As well, two places on facebook I love, besides Writer Unboxed, are Three Things I Like and Photo of the Day. Come Join!

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