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Science Day: Thoughts on origins of life–snottites and all

(I’m continuing to repost earlier blog posts until I am ready to being new postings – soon. So, in honor of my snotty cold – eww – I repost this that includes Cave Snottites in Mexico. Hoping in the months to come to have some science, some book/writing related, some health related; whatever strikes my wittle fancy)


134Where did life come from? I am here to explore. I am here to say what if and wow and imagine and Can you believe that? And could that have really happened and–to Discover!

Did we come from outer-space? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, aren’t we now in “outer space?” Isn’t Earth a celestial body? We’re hanging about in the air just like all the other planets, stars, moons.

Imagine Early Earth as this fiery ball bombarded with meteorites and comets. What if the basic beginning of life was deposited here by those meteorites and comets?

download (1)Look at the oldest fossils found, a few billion years ago, and there were microscopic “life forms” that caused our earth to change from that uninhabitable ball of fire and raging heated lifelessness to one like we now know.  And how did they survive on the earth that was so roiling and boiling?– I like the scientist character’s assessment on Jurassic Park: “Life Finds A Way . . . . ” So, here are these tiny forms of life Finding Their Way, and what they did was transform our Earth! These microscopic entities created the oxygen that sustains the life forms inhabiting our Earth.

Sometimes I wonder: what if I were suddenly transported back a thousand years, or two or three thousand, how would my breathing be? What would the earth smell like? How would my feet feel upon the ground, my eyes see color and texture? My blood circulate? And if someone were transported forward to thousands of years from now, evolving instantly along the way, how would they breathe? How would their lungs and circulation work? What would the earth smell like to them?

evolutionIf one took the soft tissue of someone from a thousand years ago and compared it to my soft tissue, what would the differences be? How have we evolved because of the changes to our atmosphere, and what we eat, how we move about or don’t move about, and how we live our everyday lives in response to happiness and having things and not having things, to the stresses and joys and overwhelming possibilities of just where are we headed and how life is lived now and our responses to each other as humans with varied thoughts and beliefs—how would we differ from the earliest “intelligent life?” How has Earth Evolved? Are we only a big Circle of Life and Destruction? To begin and end and begin and end and begin and end, round and round and round we go.

So, evolution doesn’t happen in a sudden way where we can look and say, “Hey, I have an extra vein that leads from my brain to my spinal cord because . . . . ” Instead, the changes are insidious. Human Animals and Non Human Animals adapt to our environments. Some become extinct, some alter they way they fit in the world–survival versus extinction. We can’t remain as we are, and hundreds of years from now, what will our bodies be like? What will our brains be like—how will we see and hear and think and discover? Who will we be?

But, I digress; don’t you love to hate my digressions?

These tiny micro-organisms were creating the oxygen to change the atmosphere of our Earth to one where A Life Form would simply be vaporized if they stood upon the earth’s surface to one where we can walk along a garden and pick a fresh tomato and eat it while a rabbit sniffs the carrots and a butterfly sips from a flower and a tree shades a dog and a cat eats a mouse and a child is born and it is protected (or it is not), to where we can be arrogant about the very air we breathe.

In Ancient Earth, meteorites bombarded—carbon arrived. Things began to change.

downloadIf you imagine our sun as weaker, and that light from it was weaker, if you imagine the hydrogen sulfide and stinky fumes and the amount of carbon dioxide, this inhabitable fiery place—this sounds more like a Biblical apocalypse, doesn’t it? As if the End of The World in the book of the Bible is not really the End of the Earth, but the beginning of it. So, here’s this Earth with a stifling atmosphere and a red-orange color, and oceans that were a weird slug green color. Comets and meteors pounded the crap out of our Earth, vaporizing waters, creating this noxious rain, and it is in this environment that Life Finds A Way.

300px-Dscn1976aIn Mexico, an example can be found as to how Life Finds A Way. In the tropical rain-forest, in the cave Cueva de Villa Luz. In this cave is a nasty smelling place of hydrogen sulfide—much like scientists believe the earth was a few billion years ago, maybe four billion. Scientists study this cave, since they think it represents Early Earth for clues to how Life began. Inside the cave (and to enter this cave, you have to wear gas masks, for it is deadly), are these single-cell bacteria that dribble this slimy ick that the scientists call snottites—because, yes, they look like snot. How original! Those silly ole wacky scientists have a sense of humor! But, the snottites are “alive” and they are in that hostile environment, thriving.

Bacteria. The most ancient form of life on our Earth. They adapt to what they need to adapt to (and isn’t that a scary thought—think about it: we spend millions in attempts to be bacteria free—well, if these little organisms are that tenacious, if they are the origins of life, if they stubbornly insist on BEING HERE, then don’t you think they will Find A Way? Dang.)

So, the bacteria begin to thrive, grow, adapt, reproduce. In the single-cell bacteria there is a molecule of DNA—and we all know that DNA is the Code of Life—allowing them to multiply. Inside the snottites are millions of bacteria. And in this cave, which represents Earth billions of years ago, there are towns and cities and continents of bacteria, which depend on their environment instead of being consumed by it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “Conditions on early Earth may have been far worse, but these bacteria suggest that primitive life could have thrived in extremely hostile environments . . . For more than a century, scientists have known that life is the result of chemistry, the combination of just the right ingredients in just the right amounts.”

downloadAnd those ingredients, folks, for every living organism, are: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus—elements that are common in the universe, with our buddy CARBON as the Main element, good ole flexible Carbon (you’ve all probably heard our “carbon footprint” environmental stuff, right?).

imagesLife Is Chemistry—we are a chemistry experiment created by whatever you choose to believe: Chance or God or Both or All or Some or Chaos or Design or Science is God or God is Science or Big Bangity Boom Boom Boom—but we are chemistry, y’all. Beautiful gorgeous lovely interesting fascinating chemistry experiments.

Now go live the wonderful Earth life those bacteria worked so hard on creating for you.

Just some Smoky Mountain Eye Candy for all y’allses out there . . . .





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Friday Photos – No Words. Music Video for all y’allses

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(music goes with the “soundtrack” in my pea-head for my next novel “The Lightning Charmer” )

Friday Photos: No Words . . .

maggie valley birds

maggie valley, north carolina

maggie valley, North Carolina nature

Maggie Valley, North Carolina - cove at Killian Knob

Maggie Valley, North Carolina - cove at Killian Knob

(more can be found on my Facebook Page – come join in on our discussions and photos and etc!)

Friday Photos: No Words










Friday Photos: No words . . .










Friday: videos of the day–treadmill aerobics & The Universe; photos of the day–birds

Casual friday

Friday is here. So tell me: is Friday a TGIF? or do you work weekends? work all the time? Never work? (laughing). Just what does Friday mean to you?

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s pretty danged ole kewl: The Scale of the Universe. Nope, ain’t nuttin gonna come jumping out atchoo and scare the bee-jebus out yer arse–I hate those things and anyone who knows me knows not to send one of those to me, ungh! In this you see the teeniest of the teeny, and then you  see the largest of the large – and there are “markers” to give you an idea of “scale.” Can’t explain it so click and enjoy. I’m such a science nerdy geeky thang.  One day I shall have my dinner with the physicists!
Here’s what I’m doing on the treadmill (this isn’t me of course, but what I am talking about when I say I do “treadmill aerobic dance”) well, mostly what I do – some of these things I haven’t yet done, like turn all the way around. GMR thinks I’ma gonna bust my arse–but I’m having fun while taking that chance -haw! The hour goes by so fast. Oh, does it help my stress, and I’m becoming stronger and healthier-and it helps with balance! *see your doc/don’t do what I do/other sensible disclaimers here* WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Last time for photos of the day, I had Portland, Oregon downtown and the coast. Today for Friday Photos, I have – birds.

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Now y’all go do the day! I hope to come visit some of you I’ve missed here lately, this weekend. I do apologize for not coming by as much as I want to–or reading you in my email but not commenting. Those of you who stop by here regularly make my day, and I am so grateful and appreciative: THANK YOU!

Friday Photos–Places: Oregon Downtown & Coast (& stories made real by the telling)

There's nothing like this feeling . . .

oh sony cybershot, how I'll miss you

I have  blog post up at Bellebooks/Bell Bridge Books blog -called: “The Stories are Made Real by the Telling” – I hope you’ll stop by to read and while there check out the other wonderful posts by BB authors! And thank you all for your supportive emails, comments, updates, messages on the release of the final in the trilogy Family Graces. I so appreciate you all — more than you may ever know!

Today is the day I go with my photographer/chef friend to buy my “Good Camera” – like a kid before Christmas, I could barely sleep thinking about it -teeheehee.

I love visiting Oregon. And not just because my precious granddaughter lives there, and my son and daughter in law. But  because it is beautiful and interesting with mountains, water features, nature, beer (laugh – Asheville, NC beat out Portland, OR in beer city contest!), just as does my Western North Carolina.

Photos have their stories, too, don’t they?

So, once again, I leave you with a few photos casually taken, as I say goodbye to my Sony Cybershot – oh, my camera and I were best buddies! If it weren’t for the  malfunctioning blobs and streaks, I’d keep it and use it every so often–perhaps I will anyway.

I’ll be returning to Oregon this summer to see “Lil Boop.” If you’ve never been, then you must . . .

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Laws that’s a head of hair, wild messed up hair – here baby there mama, everywhere stickin up haaa-uauah-aiirrrr

Wake up – oh, went to sleep with Tender Graces at my bedside – I am reading it, pretending it is the first time to read this book. What a strange and wonderful experience, although I keep thinking, “oh wait, I should have…” or “oh, that doesn’t sound right…” or “Oh, too abrupt ending to that chapter!!!!” or “Oh, ‘is’ is supposed to be ‘was’ in that sentence” or “That sounds like a children’s book….dang!” or “how will they like this? huhn not sure…” or “I like that….Did I write that? I did!”(laughing) The other books you can see – one is OCEAN magazine – but what is that one that looks backwards? I can’t tell, even when I go back to the room and look at the books for real…what is that backwards book – you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it — what is that? weird!

(PS – I figured it out – see if you can! the first one to figure out what the backwards book is, I’ll send them a copy of Tender Graces and a bonus book of my choice…)

Good gawd! Took a look at myself in the mirror – I must have spun around in my sleep all night – although I slept pretty well. Good Lord! look at that hair!
Time for a walk…..oh the sun is shining…standing on my porch taking in a deep breath – snap goes a photo. Book Signing Day will be perfect weather it seems! yay!
and the little log house from the bottom of my driveway! All cozied up in there….soon the leaves will hide it more…hurry leaves! If you enlarge the photo, you can see a big ole orb shining!

little log house from across the creek, across the cove- can you see it hidden there? I wrote on the photo to show you about where it is. GMR and Fat Lazy Labrador and I are standing looking down at our place. You can see a few other houses in our cove. Here, there.

Back home – too jittery to eat. This is the only thing that tempts me: cheese, banana, grapefruit juice, vitamins – huhn erk….meanwhile, Good Man Roger is in the kitchen slaving away to make gourmet goodies for my booksigning tonight — Bless Him! And Christly L. Bishop of Sugar Buzz (and the photographer who snapped my author photo) is baking a special cake and some lemon squares…ohhhhh~ Wish yawwwll could be there.
I’ll be back with more photos of Signing Day – tomorrow.
Also….I’ve read every one of your comments and they are making me laugh, cry, smile, feel happy happy, excited…..Thank You All! MUWAH! Don’t forget to send me a photo of you with Tender Graces, but be sure to let me know if you don’t want it posted – I’m going to put all this in a memory box or scrap book….
Now, back to work on VK Book 2.

Old McKathryn had a blog, with a link link here and a site site there, here a link, there a site….

All right. It’s Friday and time for links. And, as usual, if you have a blog post, or someone else’s blog post you enjoyed/loved/were inspired by, or an interesting or informative (or funny) website – let me know and I’ll post it on Friday Link Day. There are so many places I visit where I am blown away by the prose, poetry, artwork, the beauty and truths and wit and humor.
I was going to link some of the blogs I go to regularly where I laugh and smile and sometimes cry (and they are in my blogroll, too!), but I had so many links, I threw up my hands and decided to approach that in another way later…
First off, The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine is going to be giving away Adnan Mahmutovic’s beautiful collection of stories/poetry entitled REFUGE[E]. I read and reviwed this book, so you can read that HERE. How it works is, when someone makes a donation of $10 or more to R&T, they receive a copy of Adnan’s book; that simple. He is a gifted writer.

Okay, I thought I’d include a “the most fun I had playing around post of the week” just because. Here is the Chesterdrawers still in the White House convo…Charles “Charlie” Gibson really did say something about all that was left in the White House was a chest of drawers….I just found that funny. I wonder what observations you all had? Or is that day already behind us, fading away as things settle in.

Good Man Roger and I have been watching PBS’s Make Em Laugh… and we laugh.

I got this site from Angie Gumbo Writer… Cutest blog on the block -that’s where my background came from.

And I was searching for unique business card sites other than Staples or Office Depot, and came upon the coolest business cards (and there is more, but I haven’t looked at those things yet) …Zazzle, and their Vintage business cards. I found and ordered some business cards and can’t wait to see them. You can customize them by adding text and/or images. I’ll let you know how they turn out when I get them.
Book love – the title says it!
Not to show my age or anything – but, I’m a member of NABBW – Dotsie Bregel started this organization a few years back and its membership and support grows. They are an active, supportive bunch and have a forum and etc. If you are a boomer woman, you may want to check it out!
And while talking about boomers- Oil of Olay has this new face stuff out: Professional Pro-X – anyone tried it? Would you spend the extra on it? Know anyone who has or will? Don’t care, let the wrinkles come and be-damned it all? What wrinkles?

Check out Timothy Green’s blog – he’s an editor at RATTLE, Poetry for the 21st Century. Good stuff there.

This from NATURE really pulled at me…elephants…they are incredible animals.

Heifer International – I like how they handle their gift giving charity. But, charity-giving is a personal thing. I’m passing this link on only because I’d never heard of them until someone else told me about them.

And for a social psychology test from Humboldt U, click HERE. Why do I bother to take tests when I only prove how crazy I am? I’m a Pisces for gawd’s sake…*sigh*

Dang – I have so many links, but I better stop here until next Friday. Again, if you have a post, a blog, a website, something you think would be interesting/informative/fun/funny for me to link to, let me know! And check out my “links and blogroll” – you’ll see what I mean about the talent and beauty and truths out there in Blogland.

Don’t forget to enter the book give-a-way contest outlined HERE. The book is BRIDA by Paulo Coelho.
All right – go Do the Day…
(googles images from www.chinadaily.com.cn and cartoonstock.com)

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